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USS Nestus: Lonely Lights

Deep in divided Romulan space the Nestus and her crew must intercept a dangerous scientific accident.

Mission Description

When David discovered evidence of Isolytic experiements deep in disputed space, the crew of the Nestus were instructed to go into hostile terretory and ensure that these dangerous and illegal subspace weapons are destroyed. These weapons cannot be allowed to exist. By any means possible.

About the Mission

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19 January 2023

Star Like Disguises

USS Nestus: Lonely Lights

Maine looked to a casual viewer like an old mercenary. Sprawled on the large sofa that spanned the window side in Nestus’s aft facing observation lounge, now wearing olive fatigues combined with sturdy boots and trousers with one too many pockets, he could easily be mistaken for roving pair of [...]

10 June 2022

Bright little lights (Prt 2)

USS Nestus: Lonely Lights

“…Kobol Alpha. Kobol Beta. Dynax. Train 5335. Cepal… Cepal…” David glanced over his shoulder toward his large Bolian minder, who was amid muted whispers with a dark haired Orion woman by the only door to the room, their quiet mutterings distracting his memory. The giant blue bulk was [...]

30 May 2022

Little Green Light (Pt 1)

USS Nestus: Lonely Lights

“… Official reports from the newly formed Romulan Free State continue their patriotic tone today as Ambassador Rala Nerak announced 6 more outlying outposts had thrown off the shackles of the dying Empire and are now waving the flag of the fledgling galactic power. A spokesman for the Romulan [...]