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USS Dvorak (Archive): Turnabout Imposters

In her maiden voyage as commanding officer of the science ship Dvorak, Captain Taes investigates the looting of an archaeological site on Camus II by pirates. When Captain Taes returns from the planet's surface as a changed woman, her maiden voyage may become her last.

Mission Description

Newly-promoted Captain Taes assumes command of the science ship USS Dvorak, following its lengthy refit and shakedown cruise.  The Dvorak‘s first mission is to investigate the archaeological site on Camus II, after it was looted by pirates.  Following a trip to the planet’s surface, the crew’s mission has become jeoparised because Captain Taes is no longer who she appears to be.  (And she’s not the only one.)


Previously on USS Dvorak:

Pivoting after a twenty year career as a science officer, Commander Taes walked away from a director position, committing herself to the command training program in hopes of leading a starship of her own.  At the close of 2399, Commander Taes was assigned the Raven-class corvette, USS Nestus, to undertake short-term archaeology and anthropology missions on behalf of the science department aboard Starbase 72.  She hand picked a ragtag group of young and ambitious officers to serve as her senior staff.

In the earliest days of 2400, Commander Taes and her crew navigated the Century Storm to examine the Federation’s disaster management policies and how well they suited the survivors who were evacuated and resettled to escape the ion storms.  The missions proved to be a Storm in a Teacup, especially when they learned that Sometimes Bones Are Wrong.  Commander Taes discovered her nascent senior staff was engaging in duplicitous and coersive behaviours behind her back, requiring all of Taes’ growth as a leader to keep her senior staff from tearing itself apart.

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17 May 2022

Turnabout Imposters

USS Dvorak (Archive): Turnabout Imposters

“–received word from the USS Wakahiru-me,” reported the voice of Commander Elbon, transmitted through Rayco’s combadge.  “They’ve tracked down a Hidecki-class ship and their scans confirm it’s the same one that broke through Camus II’s planetary defences.  The Wakahiru-me [...]

14 May 2022

Closer to the Captain than Anyone

USS Dvorak (Archive): Turnabout Imposters

Tiptoeing around the permitter of the Dvorak‘s bridge, Taes dragged her fingertips across the copper plate set into a bulkhead.  The Dvorak‘s dedication plaque dated back to the starship’s birth in 2352, despite all of the refits since that time.  Making contact with that living [...]

13 May 2022

A Position She Doesn't Merit?

USS Dvorak (Archive): Turnabout Imposters

Pacing around the life-entity transfer platform, down in the ruins on Camus II, Ensign Melchor Dolan looked at his tricorder one more time.  He studied the sensor readings in the hopes they wouldn’t be the same, unchanged sensor readings he’d been staring at since beaming down to the [...]

11 May 2022

Being Held Here In This Body

USS Dvorak (Archive): Turnabout Imposters

“Pardon me; coming through…”  Lieutenant Kellin Rayco mumbled a couple of “excuse me”s as he navigated between servers and tables in the Orchestra Pit lounge.  All the same, it didn’t take him long to reach the table beside the viewport where Yuulik was already seated. [...]