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USS Dvorak (Archive): Sometimes Bones Are Wrong

After the devastation of the Century Storm, Vrans City on the Trill colony world of New Tenar has been decimated. Before rebuilding can begin, Commander Taes' archaeology team from Starbase 72 must identify heritage sites of historical and cultural importance. How can you fight for the future without holding tight to the best of the past?

Mission Description

At the close of 2399, Commander Taes was assigned the Raven-class corvette, USS Nestus, to undertake short-term archaeology and anthropology missions on behalf of the science department aboard Starbase 72.

In the earliest days of 2400, the USS Nestus was assigned on an anthropological study to evaluate Federation emergency management policy amid the live emergency of the Century Storm raging through the Paulson Nebula. Resettled survivors were interviewed by Commander Taes’ crew to gather a deeper understanding of their needs and ancestral resiliency amid this kind of crisis. Through misadventure, misunderstandings, and a hands-off leadership style by Commander Taes, the crew of the Nestus gradually came to question the efficacy of the ethnographic interview questions that had been selected by Taes. The mission proved to be a Storm in a Teacup. Taking responsibility for her mistakes, Commander Taes found solutions to complete the anthropological survey with revised interview questions.

In the aftermath of the Century Storm, Commander Taes has been assigned a team of archaeologists from Starbase 72, serving as the first responders to the Trill colony of New Tenar. During the Century Storm, New Tenar’s entire population was evacuated by Starfleet to escape the ion storms.

The capital city of New Tenar in ruins, Commander Taes’ team have been invited to conduct an archaeological study of the city to identify heritage sites of historical and cultural importance. With the USS Nestus’ warp engines damaged by the ion storms, Commander Taes and her team have been ferried to New Tenar by the science ship USS Dvorak, on the tail-end of its shakedown cruise. If the archaeologists can’t identify heritage sites in Vrans City, the colony’s entire history will be paved over, burying everything from the earliest days of settlement to all of the losses from the Century Storm.

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12 April 2022

Sometimes Bones Are Wrong

USS Dvorak (Archive): Sometimes Bones Are Wrong

“Wait…” Kellin Rayco said, shaking his head as if that might wake him up from this bad dream.  Sputtering out the words incredulously, Kellin asked, “You’re reprimanding me?” When Commander Taes had ordered Kellin to beam back to the Dvorak, he had imagined their conversation going [...]

9 April 2022

The Way You Move is a Mystery

USS Dvorak (Archive): Sometimes Bones Are Wrong

“Senior Mission Officer’s Log, supplemental.   “With the assistance of the Dvorak’s executive officer and crew, the archaeological excavation of Vrans City has progressed ahead of schedule.  We’ve been on New Tenar for a week and Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Yuulik’s predictive [...]

8 April 2022

Not an Intruder

USS Dvorak (Archive): Sometimes Bones Are Wrong

Lieutenant Kellin Rayco kept his eyes moving, searching the landscape for novelties or oddities.  He looked for movement, for signs of threats to the away team.  An archaeologist on the west side of the city had seen an animal akin to a coyote digging through the rubble.  If Kellin [...]

7 April 2022

Unreluctant at Treacherous Ledge

USS Dvorak (Archive): Sometimes Bones Are Wrong

“Senior Mission Officer’s Log, Stardate 77124.2.   “Commander Taes reporting.    “USS Dvorak has entered standard orbit around New Tenar.  While the Dvorak crew begin searching for survivors, my mission team have beamed down to the decimated Vrans City.  Before we [...]