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Part of the unit-wide mission Task Force 86: Refuge

Task Force 86: Refuge

As the Century Storm ravages the Paulson Nebula, Starbase 86 must prepare to receive and accommodate thousands of displaced Federation citizens.

Mission Description

Starbase 86 is one one of Starfleet’s closest key installations to the disaster currently unfolding in the Paulson Nebula. All station personnel must now prepare to disembark refugees numbering in the tens of thousands in one of the largest relocation efforts Starfleet has ever attempted. Civilian transports, cargo vessels and ships of the line have all been repurposed for the evacuation effort. All available space on the station itself, including arboretum and green belt areas, is in the process of being converted to temporary accommodation. How will those who live and work aboard the starbase handle the rapid influx of species, cultures and individuals unaccustomed to life in space? How will these people react to the destruction of their lives and homes?

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

11 April 2022

Those in Glass Houses

Task Force 86: Refuge

The sound of the bloodwine tankard slamming down on the countertop caused a few heads to turn. Quizzical grumbles and grunts rippled across a sea of black hairy locks. Squinting eyes, scarred faces and mouths twisted into scowls all craned on meaty heads to aim a glare at whoever had disturbed the [...]

19 February 2022

A Stopping Place

Task Force 86: Refuge

The directions are written in sixteen different scripts. I can barely make it out as the crowd bumps and jostles me along. I catch glimpses of the Jotarn lettering between the swaying heads. All arrivals proceed to promenade section G for assignment to quarters. Everyone is tightly packed. The [...]