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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Crazy Horse: The Paulson Triangle

A Stormbreaker Campaign Mission

Mission Description

The while dispatched to the Paulson Nebula the USS Crazy Horse is diverted to find the missing USS Herecles and USS Zebulon Pike. With her captain and XO missing in action can Lieutenant  Commander Erin Hayden step up to the task?

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

26 March 2022

Search and Rescue

USS Crazy Horse: The Paulson Triangle

It had been nearly two weeks since Erin had spent a stressful four nights sheltering in the basement of some building on Glaina Prime.  The Crazy Horse had settled in to a routine of  shuttling survivors around and providing aide to stranded ships in the wake of the century storm. Nothing [...]

14 March 2022


USS Crazy Horse: The Paulson Triangle

Erin woke on the fourth day to silence.   Or at least it seemed like silence.  The gale-force winds no longer roared overhead.   She lay still in her bed roll waiting for the ever-present thunder that never came Erin sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked [...]

12 March 2022

An Ill Wind Blows

USS Crazy Horse: The Paulson Triangle

The air was practically electric.   Discharges of electricity arced across the brown-yellow sky.  The wind had even picked up to a deafening gale whipping Commander Hayden’s yellow hair free of its bindings to strain against the roots.   The trees bent against the wind and all [...]

26 February 2022

In Harm's Way

USS Crazy Horse: The Paulson Triangle

Acting Captain Erin Hayden entered the conference lounge reading a PADD.  She glanced around and took her seat at the side of the table.  She refused the take the captain’s seat. “Okay,” she started, “What are we looking at people?” There was a pause as officers looked back and [...]