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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Hydra (Archive): Eye of the Storm

The Hydra is dispatched to a small colony in orbit around Lambda Puppis.

Mission Description

A small colony situated on the only planet orbiting Lambda Puppis in the Paulson Nebula has gone dark in the face of the Century Storm. It is feared that the population might have come under attack by opportunistic raiders prior looking for a quick score before the Nebula becomes a hostile place to be. The USS Hydra has been dispatched to ascertain the truth behind the colony going silent.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

3 March 2022

Rolling the Dice

USS Hydra (Archive): Eye of the Storm

The conference room aboard the USS Hydra was abuzz with activity as the Senior Staff discussed the situation that had brought them into the space. The return of the ship’s First Officer and Chief Engineer had sparked the need for a meeting, and the ensuing descent into chaos was a result of their [...]

7 February 2022

The First Wave

USS Hydra (Archive): Eye of the Storm

The blue-white shimmer of transporter confinement beams lit up the darkened room that the away team had picked as their beam in site. Power had come up just long enough to warn the colonists of the contingents’ arrival before it had gone back out. The colony’s administrator and a few people who [...]

7 February 2022

A Lull, A Warning, A Plan of Action

USS Hydra (Archive): Eye of the Storm

Several days had passed for the crew of the USS Hydra, a time which the crew had spent in furious preparation for whatever might be occurring in the Lambda Puppis system. The reality of the situation they arrived to find had fallen just slightly outside of their expectations and planning, [...]

5 February 2022

Making Preparations in the Dark

USS Hydra (Archive): Eye of the Storm

Deep within the USS Hydra, Lieutenant Commander Brak and Lieutenant T’Rel each stood on opposing sides of the Master Engineering Console that sat in the center of the Main Engineering compartment. The pair were engrossed in reviewing data they had been forwarded regarding the Paulson Nebula’s [...]