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Bravo Fleet Command: Lore Office Release

Official fiction from the Bravo Fleet Lore Office

Mission Description

This mission contains official fiction from the Lore Office not attached to any specific fleet event.

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6 March 2024

What's Old is New Again

Bravo Fleet Command: Lore Office Release

After three days of sifting through the wreckage of Outpost C-91, Arcturus had only managed to glean a few scant facts about its destruction: there had been a massive ultritium explosion from within the station, presumably delivered aboard an unscheduled freighter. No one from station operations [...]

3 March 2024

The Death of Kings

Bravo Fleet Command: Lore Office Release

Ambassador’s Log, Stardate 2401.8. The Endeavour has just returned to Qo’noS from their investigation of the last confirmed location of Chancellor Martok’s ship before its disappearance. I remained here with Commodore Rourke, trying to keep tempers from fraying in the Klingon High Council. [...]

1 January 2022

Times Long Past

Bravo Fleet Command: Lore Office Release

In the swirling seas of the Paulson Nebula, the runabout Prospero rode the waves of purples and blues with gentle purpose. Currents of gases and eddies of dust swirled through the achingly vast stretch of clouds, light-years across, that sheltered and hid clusters of stars, phenomena, secrets. But [...]