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Part of Starbase Bravo: Oncoming Storm

USS Adventure: Oncoming Storm – USS Adventure

Undercover operatives attemp to gain insight into raider activity. Who knows where it will lead.

Mission Description


Danger rarely comes when one is expecting it. Starfleet has worked diligently to keep the region peaceful and despite recent hostilities, many citizens in the Federation are content to live cozy and unaware of the dangers that surround them.

There are those who work in the shadows bartering information in exchange for special  favors. These activities have begun to become very lucrative for those willing to take the  risk.

Factions operating out of secret bases in remote regions of space desire power, glory and revenge. For their plans to work, they must build their power base. When their plans are set into  motion the resulting actions could send ripples across the quadrant not seen since the Dominion War.


A dangerous figure waits in the shadows to strike as nothing will stand in their way to claim revenge.

A hit-and-run attack leaves a small colony shaken, Starfleet officers are left questioning if they should trust their heart or their orders. An investigator is sent to determine if a response is needed.

There is a storm brewing and while their may be no way to stop it, inaction will cause the peace in the region to shatter.

About the Mission

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5 February 2022

Darkness Falls & Fades

USS Adventure: Oncoming Storm - USS Adventure

Weeks had passed and the crew of the disguised Starfleet ship called the USS Adventure continued their covert mission near the Cardassian boarder.  Raids on transports and freighters had increased and R’Tor in the guise of Ranor, a Talarian smuggler, and his crew seek to uncover the reason [...]

4 January 2022

Shadows of Trade

USS Adventure: Oncoming Storm - USS Adventure

For Ranor aka R’Tor to uncover the power behind the pirate attack and raids taking place in areas near the Caradassian border he and his crew would need to pass themselves off as smugglers and characters of ill repute. With themselves and their ship in disguise, this first high level trade [...]

21 December 2021

Rtor Adventure- Undercover

USS Adventure: Oncoming Storm - USS Adventure

Throughout the quadrant, there are pockets of unrest and domains that sit just beyond Federation jurisdiction. These tend to be breeding grounds for the sort of fodder that are attracted to the high risk, high reward life raiders have to offer.  In one dubious area, a dark asteroid dubbed [...]