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USS Rome: The friends who shape us

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The history of the friendship between tj rivers and Solan Jal.

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USS Rome
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13 January 2022

Chapter 2. Pecking Order

USS Rome: The friends who shape us

Starfleet Academy Torack (Vulcan) Freya (Betazoiod) Yarn Jal (Joined Trill) TJ (Human Male) When last we saw Freya and Jal – they had taken off on some adventure leaving TJ and Torack in the dorm room to figure things out. Yarn Jal and Freya returned to their dorm room, 208 B after a full [...]

10 December 2021

208 B

USS Rome: The friends who shape us

QUADMATES (2378) Starfleet Academy There was much activity in the halls as students searched for their rooms and greeted each other. Vulcan flute music weaved its way through the hustle and bustle and noise in the full hallway. Yaran noticed it getting louder as he neared his destination. ::208B:: [...]