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USS Saratoga: New Beginnings

The crew of the USS Vesta have been reassigned to a new ship, and additional crew.

Mission Description

“From the end spring new beginnings.”

― Pliny the Elder

About the Mission

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17 January 2022

New Captain?

USS Saratoga: New Beginnings

Arzin had woken up early as everyone else was still asleep, he wanted to make breakfast before they made their way over to the Saratoga as well as get their belongings over as well. They also still needed to see Linha off as she makes her way back to the Academy.  After getting dressed he made his [...]

9 January 2022

An Unexpected Change

USS Saratoga: New Beginnings

Teila was sitting in her office going over the report she received from the extensive lab work she had taken from the Captain. Makayla had been experiencing pain in her head that scans were just not detecting. “Oh boy,” she replied to herself as she read the results, “why couldn’t the scans [...]

28 December 2021

Seeing Double?

USS Saratoga: New Beginnings

Jheria having already unpacked after arriving on board a few hours earlier made her way into the ship’s main engineering in the secondary hull. The Odyssey-class ship had two main engineerings one in the secondary hull as well as the saucer section. Engineers were moving from one place to [...]

4 December 2021

A Change

USS Saratoga: New Beginnings

Adams was in her ready room standing near the window, she had just lost her first officer. Though she was happy that he finally got his own command and he definitely deserved it, she had worked with him for so long things were going to be strange without his guidance or his advice. He kept her [...]