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USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

The Aquarius respond to a distress call from Caldos

Mission Description

After finishing her refit and crew assignments, they depart Devron Fleet Yards to head towards the old Romulan Neutral Zone when the USS Aquarius receives a distress call from Caldos. Their weather control systems including the seismic stabilizers have been failing, they are requesting assistance in repairing them before a complete failure occurs. They have already experienced a minor earthquake, if they do not fix it before a complete failure occurs a much larger one could occur causing catastrophic damage and loss of life.

About the Mission

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10 April 2022

Checking In on the Cap

USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

Calum and the rest of the crew had worked hard to get the Captain back to the ship where he heard they were recovering. He didn’t have a super close relationship with the Captain, but as the ship’s second officer he knew the Captain well enough to check in. He had been trying to figure out why [...]

5 April 2022

Wrapping Up

USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

Several days had passed since the incident had taken place, cleanup had gotten to the point where they were ready to turn things back over to the people of Caldos to finish with the supplies they would need. Tajir had been released from sickbay, though he wasn’t cleared for duty yet. The doctor [...]

28 March 2022

Variations on a Theme of Justice

USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

“All rise. This Judge Advocate General hearing is now in session, the Honorable Captain Esther Steinberg presiding.“ The assembled Starfleet crew and civilians came to their feet, a gesture of deference and respect toward the Judge. Although the proceedings were closed to the general public, a [...]

21 March 2022


USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

Aki reached down and grabbed a large chunk of rock and hurled it backwards without even thinking as to the safety of anyone that might be standing behind her. She was running on pure adrenaline at this point. Pausing for but a mere second to wipe the sweat from her brow, she slapped the combadge [...]