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Phoenix: Takin’ Care of Business

As Phoenix secures the Vega system against further Romulan aggression, their investigation of a missing freighter suggests new enemies on the horizon.

Mission Description

‘And I’ve been takin’ care of business, every day
Takin’ care of business, every way’

– ‘Takin’ Care of Business’, Bachman-Turner Overdrive

The Phoenix finishes upgrades to Vega’s defences and training for their new militia, hoping against hope such measures will withstand a future Romulan offensive. But Starfleet is determined for its newest NX-class to move on, and time is running out. Before they depart, however, the Phoenix goes looking for the missing freighter Cormorant, whose fate leads to a shocking new development in this fringe theatre of the Romulan War.

About the Mission

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24 December 2021

Takin' Care of Business - 8

Phoenix: Takin' Care of Business

Captain Kovrad looked up with tired eyes as Black stepped into the rather battered commanding officer’s quarters of the Starsaber. Lopez had allowed him the dignity of being confined here once the fighting was done, though mostly at Black’s urging, which was why the Armoury Officer was the one [...]

30 November 2021

Takin' Care of Business - 7

Phoenix: Takin' Care of Business

‘My orders,’ said Kovrad, his shoulders now slumped, his voice now a low rumble, ‘were to enter Commonwealth territory and to first evade detection and observe. The Romulan Navy dispatched a strike force to this sector two months ago, a light attack unit with instructions to destroy or seize [...]

22 November 2021

Takin' Care of Business - 6

Phoenix: Takin' Care of Business

‘I don’t want to nitpick,’ said Black as the five reassembled on the Starsaber’s bridge. ‘But that was good cop?’ Lopez rolled her eyes. ‘I saw the state of him and his office and I reassessed. I’ve met enough proud, uptight military types in my life to know them when I see them; [...]

5 November 2021

Takin' Care of Business - 5

Phoenix: Takin' Care of Business

Phoenix rocked as weapons fire raked across the hull, and Lopez gripped the armrest tight to keep her seat. ‘Status!’ ‘Hull polarisation is holding!’ Black reported. ‘Returning fire!’ ‘They’re bigger and slower than us,’ Lopez noted, looking to Antar. ‘Keep us mobile and keep us [...]