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Part of the unit-wide mission Task Force 86: The Azure Blockade

Task Force 86: The Azure Blockade

Task Force 86 is mobilised to prevent an Omega Molecule in the Azure Nebula from wreaking havoc in the region.

Mission Description

Traces of Omega have been detected from within the Azure Nebula. On Starbase 86, Commodore Tharc summons Captain Erill’Yun Mek, Captain Francesca Shilo, and other area commanders to brief them on Starfleet’s plan of action. With so many rogue elements in the region, Task Force 86 and the Klingon Defence Force must work together to secure the molecule before anyone else does.

About the Mission

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Start Date

16 September 2021

With Allies Like These

Task Force 86: The Azure Blockade

The alarm bleeped a trill tone, waking Mek from a broken sleep. He sat bolt upright, throwing back the bedsheets. His groggy, sleep-deprived head spun as he heaved himself up to stand in his quarters. “Lights,” he groaned, not fully awake. The room was immediately bathed in a soft glow, and he [...]

24 August 2021

A Fine Tooth Comb

Task Force 86: The Azure Blockade

The tactical display in Starbase 86 Ops now showed a holographic rendering of the Azure Nebula in all its swirling, aeriform beauty. An even sprinkling of arrowhead insignia formed a rough hemisphere, hugging the edge of the nebula that fell closest to Federation space. The opposite side was [...]

8 August 2021

Something Big

Task Force 86: The Azure Blockade

The Ferengi delegation flanked each side of the conference table in the upper levels of Starbase 86. The hours had dragged on, and still they were no closer to a resolution. Captain Erill’Yun Mek struggled to keep his grimace from erupting into an outright yawn as DaiMon Brux launched into yet [...]