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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

The USS Ahwahnee is waylaid by a strange computer lockout, to which only Captain Vordenna seems to have the answers.

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2 June 2022


USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

The alarm sounded frantic. Delfino, having punched in what felt like (and quite possibly was) the thousandth set of coordinates, was abruptly shaken from her mental glaze. It took a few seconds for her to interpret the readings, and another few to verbalise what she saw in front of [...]

26 May 2022

The Protégé

USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

Squinting, she held the hyperspanner between her thumb and forefinger. The red laser sight guided her movements. In her other hand, she steadied the nillimite coil, adjusting the spanner a fraction at a time until the spring-like metallic thread maintained a consistent diameter of 500 microns. It [...]

25 May 2022


USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

Sreyler slammed a fist down on the arm of the command chair. Her face flushed a dark blue and her brow contorted into a scowl, “It’s been two days, Lup. We’ve got nothing to show for it. Every kind of scan frequency, transporter modification… Razor blizzards, we’ve even tried the [...]

12 May 2022

Another Part of the Road

USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

Fronds and creeping ferns twined their way up the curved wall of the conference room. Their leaves meshed together in a web of green, sprouted from a band of nutrient substrate that underlined the trellis to which they clung. This flash of nature was one of many pockets of vegetation that ran [...]