Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

The USS Ahwahnee is waylaid by a strange computer lockout, to which only Captain Vordenna seems to have the answers.

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17 September 2021

The Magistrate

USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

Sreyler Theb’s fingers moved more and more frantically over the LCARs input. Tursk looked on from behind, hope fading from his face with every passing second. He could barely bring himself to look at what the screen now showed. The disbelief was evident in Sreyler’s voice as she confirmed what [...]

27 August 2021


USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

Mud slopped around his ankles. The sky was grey and the rain drizzled down in a fine mist, light but soaking him through nonetheless. Felrak had tramped for around a kilometre this way. The water droplets acted like small prisms, refracting the tiny blinking lights of his tricorder display into [...]

30 July 2021

Directive Invective

USS Ahwahnee: The Hunt For Dread Omega

Her silver hair whipped out behind her and her neck shrank back into the coat’s warm fur lining. The ice winds had a vicious bite to them that afternoon. At the end of the path, at the gates of the Zhaman’ti College yard, she waited for him. Ahead, the Fields of Ell stretched over the horizon. [...]