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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

Captain MacLeod's first mission in command of the U.S.S. Sutherland gets complicated as Starfleet Command invokes a highly classified protocol.

Mission Description

Captain MacLeod has assumed command of the U.S.S. Sutherland and assembled a new crew. Shortly after embarking on a routine patrol of the former Romulan Neutral Zone area, he receives a classified communication from Starfleet Command that he cannot share with the crew. With no time to build trust, will the new crew follow him without explanation if he commands them to break with established procedures and directives?

About the Mission

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13 August 2021

The hunt is on

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

Captain MacLeod carefully monitored the sensor readings as the computer piloted the small runabout along the course calculated to avoid the subspace ruptures. So far, the map generated by the Sutherland had been pretty accurate but as he neared what he believed to be the source of the problem, they [...]

8 August 2021

An invitation of sorts

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

So far, the patrol had been uneventful, however the atmosphere on the bridge and elsewhere had an edge to it. Everyone knew that something wasn’t right, but aside from a few strange preparations there was nothing tangible that could explain the feeling.  They were progressing along the [...]

7 August 2021

Peculiar preparations

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

Commander Zh’tora stood on the far side of the ready room desk, her antennae seemingly focusing on Captain MacLeod. Curiosity, he thought, given the secret communication that he received. “There’s a situation developing that I’m not authorized to disclose any details of,” he began. “Our [...]

5 August 2021

Recalling the briefing

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

Sitting in his ready room, Struan’s thoughts drifted back to his initial briefing on Omega when he took command of the Helsinki. He’d been inundated with reports and briefings and was making slow progress through them in his old ready room when the communique came through on a secured channel [...]