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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

USS Saratoga: Tensions

Will the crew trust her Captain again? Tensions rise as they face an enemy only the Captain knows about! (USS Vesta)

Mission Description

These are the stories of the USS Vesta and her crew as they chart the “Omega Directive” with her crew left in the dark, stress level at an all-time high. Can they come through this obstacle unscathed or will trust be broken in the end?

About the Mission

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5 August 2021

Returning Home

USS Saratoga: Tensions

“Lieutenant Airje set course back to the planet at maximum warp,” Adams ordered looking at her. “Aye sir,” came the reply as she tapped a few buttons. “Course and speed set in sir,” Airje replied looking back at the Captain. Taking a deep breath and looking at Tajir for a brief moment [...]

4 August 2021


USS Saratoga: Tensions

Now that the USS Vesta had beam aboard on the planet’s inhabitance and moved to a safe distance, the USS Lune began to prep for eliminating the Omega Molecules that were close to the planet. Tapping the controls next to him he looked at the area, the molecules were still stabilized but the way [...]

3 August 2021

Rescue Operation

USS Saratoga: Tensions

Looking at Airje, “bring us to these coordinates above the planet.” She said after she sent her the information. Airje nodded, “aye sir course laid in.” She responded as Adams gave the order to move into position. A few moments later, “we are in position sir,” she replied as Makayla [...]

1 August 2021


USS Saratoga: Tensions

Once back on the ship Makayla took the long way to the bridge as she needed time to process everything. She knew her crew would fight back once they learned what they will be asked to do. After a while she finally arrived on the bridge, she noticed that all her senior officers were there which was [...]