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USS Sutherland: Coming together

Captain Struan MacLeod puts together a crew for his new command, the U.S.S. Sutherland.

Mission Description

The Nebula-class U.S.S. Sutherland is coming to the end of a major refit cycle at the Devron Fleet Yards. Her former crew reassigned, command has been offered to Captain Struan MacLeod. Now he has the task of assembling a new crew to take her on new adventures.

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17 July 2021

Picking out an XO

USS Sutherland: Coming together

Soft beams of sunlight illuminated Struan’s suite, raising him from his deep slumber, as the blinds on his bedroom window automatically retracted. A long, refreshing hot water shower cleared away the grogginess more effectively than any sonic shower. There were certain luxuries from being [...]