USS Vesta: The Aftermath

The USS Vesta is assisting the colonies of the Meronia System after the devastation from the D'Ghor Hunters

Mission Description

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
– J.K. Rowling

With the Hunters of D’Ghor gone, turmoil in the Meronia Cluster as Colony’s are devastated and in desperate need of aid. The USS Vesta will provide that aid along with a convoy of supply and medical ships. With hope, rebuilding can take place with time.

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USS Vesta
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19 July 2021

Medical Emergency

USS Vesta: The Aftermath

Kriia and a group of other doctors quickly set up a triage site outside of the hospital that was currently full of wounded. Medical officers from the medical ship that was in orbit started to beam down and make their way into the hospital with equipment to assist. Once the station was set up she [...]

17 July 2021

The Devastation

USS Vesta: The Aftermath

After the battle was won and the D’Ghor Hunters were defeated what was left was devastation. Buildings were destroyed or ransacked while many lives were needlessly lost. Many of the colonies were angry, taking it out on Starfleet who in their eyes allowed this to happen. “Go away your not [...]