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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Jaxartes: As The World Falls Down

Two stars, one system and chance to breathe, if only for a moment.

Mission Description

Free from the Underspace Corridor they were trapped in and with the threat of the Devore Imperium seemingly eliminated the USS Jaxartes finds itself near to the binary star system Caeruleum Vargus (Kepler 227).

There they have linked up with the research team aboard the USS Cuyahoga Valley a rather old tired looking Oberth Class vessel now operating with the Fleet Auxiliary which was studying the effects of the aperture on the two stars and their orbiting planets.  For now though the anomaly appears inactive after the destruction of the Devore Warship broke its hold on the smaller of the two stars, but for how long will that last, and are there any consequences to what has happened here.  Is this star system safe or does Underspace, simply wait for another moment to strike?

Exchanging valuable data regarding the inside of the Corridor, gathered during their journey, the ‘Jax’ and her crew await the arrival of the Auxiliaries repair and fabrication vessel SS Alchemist.

Now back under the leadership of Commander Salan, the crew members are torn between accepting his reasons for removing Lieutenant Devron from the Captaincy or fighting to get him re-instated.  Either choice could create yet more conflicted and tension; and may even affect their future careers.

About the Mission

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Start Date

11 July 2024

Part E: Preparations

USS Jaxartes: As The World Falls Down

It had been the hardest thing that the young ensign had ever had to do in his life. It felt bad enough that he should be allowing someone to be taken prisoner without making any attempt to save them.  Worse that it was a fellow Caitain with whom he’d just formed a bond with on their short [...]

9 July 2024

Part D: Underground

USS Jaxartes: As The World Falls Down

The bridge of the USS Jaxartes was relatively quiet; Ensign Harris was at the helm, but with the computer system monitoring everything, there wasn’t much for him to do.  Lieutenant Devron was covering a shift in his old spot at tactical.  Commander Salan sat in the Captain’s chair [...]

6 July 2024

Part C: Supply Run

USS Jaxartes: As The World Falls Down

Ensign C’Rren was still a little stunned as to how events over the last 48 hours had unfolded.   First of all he’d met a fellow Caitian, something he hadn’t done for a few months, in person at least.  He’d chatted with his parents via video link a few times.  Secondly; in his [...]

4 July 2024

Part B: Brief Paws

USS Jaxartes: As The World Falls Down

When Commander Salan and Ensign C’Rren both beamed aboard the USS Cuyahoga Valley, they were greeted by Doctor Yelavich and one of his assistants who he introduced as being Doctor Folland Cosmologist.   There were times when people looked old when they appeared on view screens: that [...]