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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Oakland: Unexpected Horizons

Captain and first officer butt heads as Oakland is sucked through Underspace and dropped into hostile territory.

Mission Description

With a fresh and untested new crew, USS Oakland is not quite ready for action. Originally set out on a test run to break in the new seats and settle into a comfortable routine, a wrench is thrown into the plan as Underspace apertures pull the ship away and chuck her into volatile, dangerous Romulan territory. Veteran captain Oskar Maising and new, hotheaded first officer Charlotte MacColgan butt heads as Oakland struggles to survive and return to Federation space, with an opportunistic Romulan warlord on their tail…

About the Mission

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15 June 2024

First Impressions

USS Oakland: Unexpected Horizons

Charlotte MacColgan could say, without a shadow of a doubt, that USS Oakland was one of the ugliest starships she’d ever seen. More than a ship, it resembled a frisbee with stilts stuck to the bottom, and long giant clown shoes for nacelles, taped together by the engineering hull suspended [...]