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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Dragonfly: Mission 2 – Undiscovered and Alone

The USS Dragonfly finds itself pulled into an aperture with a connection to Underspace, thrown into the unknown.

Mission Description

An aperture opens, flinging the USS Dragonfly to an unknown part of space. The crew works to understand the why, the how, and the where – all while mysterious signals and readings echo off the sensors of the Obena class starship.  What is circling them?  What lies just beyond what they can see through a flickering view screen?  How will they find their way back home?

The crew must work together to solve the minor and major obstacles – challenges, mechanical and scientific.

About the Mission

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Start Date

11 July 2024

UAA 007 – What To Do

USS Dragonfly: Mission 2 - Undiscovered and Alone

“I would like to resign, Commander Park.”  Lieutenant Junior Grade Calvert Rogers stood before the XO, his hands listlessly at his side.  They were in her office, and he’d politely demanded a meeting first thing in the morning. He was practicing his breathing as she stared at [...]

10 July 2024

UAA 006 – The Wrong and the Worry

USS Dragonfly: Mission 2 - Undiscovered and Alone

“Where is the operations report?”  Captain Wren Walton stood in her quarters searching the dinner table of scattered PADDs for the elusive details from her Operations chief.  The day hadn’t slowed since they’d arrived in the system twelve hours ago, ostensibly to support three [...]

20 June 2024

UAA 005 – Together

USS Dragonfly: Mission 2 - Undiscovered and Alone

“So we’re farther out than we thought.”  Captain Leopold Halsey muttered as he sat at Dragonfly’s observation lounge table.  Captain Walton and her senior staff filled the remaining tables.  The report from the Thasaz about their location and situation had just [...]

18 June 2024

UAA 004 – What I Become

USS Dragonfly: Mission 2 - Undiscovered and Alone

“Shit.  Shit.  Oh shit.”  Cadet Lita Morrison had escaped to her quarters and was pacing her bedroom.  She was going to be presenting to the captain within the hour.  Captain Wren Walton.  Morrison had done her homework in selecting the Dragonfly for her cadet [...]