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USS Rubidoux: Prompts & Developments

A place for Comp Prompt stories that don't quite fit a mission just yet.

Mission Description

A place for Comp Prompt stories that don’t quite fit a mission, also for Character Development stories that are not connected with a specific mission or episode.

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13 June 2024

You win. Now, we drink!

USS Rubidoux: Prompts & Developments

Strolling through the extended docking tunnel. Eviea Merrova kept her gaze on the end of the tunnel, the receiving area, and the Starbase beyond. In part due to the near transparent construction of these bridges, combined with the fact she knew both how fragile it’s construction was and the [...]

30 May 2024

Back from the Edge

USS Rubidoux: Prompts & Developments

A rouge G-Type star passing through an asteroid field has revealed a derelict federation transport, the star is itself being absorbed by a O-Type star creating unique gravitational effects. The transport is currently balanced on a gravitational ledge. The transport is unregistered. Given the [...]

18 May 2024

Perception is life, life is perception

USS Rubidoux: Prompts & Developments

Falling though inky blackness with the fall ending with a soft landing into a layer of powdery gray ash-like substance was a surprise for Isshan Bacshi, as was the sensation that coursed and flowed over his skin, a sensation that shifted between a warm sunburn-like though to ferocious and focused [...]