USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

The Columbia heads to the Cardassian border for what should be some simple away missions!

Mission Description

The USS Columbia welcomes a group of Cardassian exchange officers aboard for a training program aimed at fostering better relations between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. Ensigns are paired with Cardassian counterparts, leading to a series of cultural clashes and misunderstandings, while undertaking a range of away missions.

Away Mission 1: On a cultural exchange journey, visiting various planets in the former DMZ, a group of ensigns and their Cardassian counterparts experience each other’s traditions and customs. Along the way, they learn to appreciate the richness of their respective cultures while forging a deeper bond.

Away Mission 2: A runabout mission to the McAllister C-5 Nebula, sees a joint Starfleet-Cardassian team sent to map and explore an area of the nebula. While there ‘something’ goes wrong, forcing the two sides to work even closer together to survive.

Away Mission 3: The Columbia has been assigned to the Chin’toka scrapyard to recover a number of derelicts. Starfleet and Central Command do not want these key derelicts to fall into the hands of the Maquis or the True Way. Joint away teams board a range of abandoned ships from the Dominion War. They are to recover anything that is valuable, otherwise, they are to prepare to destroy the derelicts.

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21 May 2024

Breaking Bread

USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

Matthys straightened the corner edge of the rather bohemian-appearing tablecloth, working out the last of the wrinkles. He stood back with his hands on his hips and nodded in agreement to himself. They were several days into their journey on the Chawla as a team and for some reason still unknown to [...]

19 April 2024

Ghosts in the Dark

USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

The lightless and battle-scared corridors of the USS Geronimo stood as a testament to the totality of the Dominion War. The once pristine Akira class had been reduced to an empty husk by the Breen energy weapon and subsequent bombardment as it had made its retreat leaving only its saucer section [...]

12 April 2024

Departure Stations

USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

Bollwyn, accompanied by his guests, stepped into the vast Shuttlebay One. This was a part of the ship he rarely visited, and a wave of unease washed over him. His guests, the Gils, dressed in their typical Cardassian uniforms, carried their belongings in bags slung over their shoulders. Bollwyn had [...]

7 April 2024


USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

“Come back to bed, Matthys,” the voice of Lieutenant Naomi Cross sounded. Her husband groaned beside her, “You better get up Owen, your shift starts in twenty minutes.”  Matthys had once again spent the night as a guest in the Cross household – he had run into them both towards the [...]