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USS Io: Interlude: I O U

The USS Io takes flight!

Mission Description

After the 250th Frontier Day, a catastrophic disaster rocked Starfleet, decimating its fleet, crew, and dignity. The ensuing months were filled with pain, paranoia, and mistrust. Yet, Captain Silas Crowe and the crew of the USS Blythe set out to uphold Starfleet’s ideals.

Now that the dust has settled, Starfleet is renewing its promise. Aboard the Luna-class starship USS Io, the crew, more vigilant than ever, charges forward, boldly going where no one has gone before.

This story serves as an interlude between the adventures of the USS Blythe and the USS Io.

About the Mission

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1 June 2024

I O U - 2

USS Io: Interlude: I O U

"Delta-three! Here it finally is, this station is a maze sometimes," Jazara's voice echoed down the corridor, her steps quickening with excitement as they approached the briefing room.Eileen's lips curved into a soft smile at Jazara's enthusiasm. The journey to this moment had been long, and the [...]

26 April 2024

I O U - 1

USS Io: Interlude: I O U

Her eyes, a reflection of a cloudless summer sky, remained fixed on the delicate leaves swirling within the porcelain cup she cradled in her azure-tinted hands. Around her, the lounge buzzed with conversation, each murmur and laugh creating a vibrant backdrop against which she sat in silent [...]