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USS Helios: Threadbare Flags

Across the former demilitarized zone entire worlds are being shaken by changes big and small. As opinions change and alliegences shift those we thought friends might now be waving a different flag.

Mission Description

David Mitchell has always had a strained relationship with his family, essentially becoming estrained when he signed up for Starfleet to explore the cosmos. Unforunately his parents have been proved right and the last few months have seen no-end of conflicts, David continues to struggle with his place in Starfleet following the recent lost of both his blood family and his chosen family.

When the news of conflict along the DMZ & Cardassian Border came it also came with a message from his mother… His uncle was missing and now Starfleet might be the only ones who can help.

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About the Mission

USS Helios
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22 May 2024

Case Unclosed (Pt. 5)

USS Helios: Threadbare Flags

The woman’s tinny voice fades into the background as she taps her stylus rhythmically against the metallic desk surface of her plexiglass cubicle, the hum of the forcefield generator lending a high whine to the atonal symphony of noises in the Gendarmerie reception. She continues talking, [...]

16 May 2024

The Loop (Interlude)

USS Helios: Threadbare Flags

There is light. A light so bright it might as well be darkness, so bright its painful to look at but everywhere I turn it exists, pressing against me like a casket. Between the fine silk of the lining I can hear her voice, melodic and omnipresent.  “Not Yet…” I can hear the frustration [...]

4 May 2024

No Ranks (pt.4)

USS Helios: Threadbare Flags

“David! David are you listening?” The young man blinked his eyes, attempting to draw his focus away from the rolling vista of the yellow tinged desert presented through the open window panel. Satisfied his attention was back in the moment and not on the stakes of the mission he turned to see [...]

7 April 2024

Realities of Space and Time (pt. 3)

USS Helios: Threadbare Flags

I can feel a sigh of relief from the ship as it exits warp, the minute difference in my stomach as the ship stops bending the rules of physics and returns to the familiar strictures of space and time. No longer are we running the thin line between matter and energy as the pontoon like nacelles take [...]