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Part of Task Force 86: Headquarters

USS Luna: New Normal

The crew of the USS Luna face the new normal.

Mission Description

The crew of the USS Luna face the new normal.

About the Mission

USS Luna
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23 March 2024

Lost and Found

USS Luna: New Normal

—- USS Luna, Bridge —-   Lieutenant Pierre Lambert followed Commander Olivia Carrillo onto the bridge and took a position that had already been worked out with the captain at one of the rear engineering stations. A young woman nodded at him, and gestured to the console which was set up as [...]

21 March 2024

No Way Home

USS Luna: New Normal

—- USS Luna, Conference Room 1 —-   Lieutenant Pierre Lambert watched as the other officers threw around ideas for how to return him to his time. He felt at once both superior to them as he was technically over a hundred years their senior and inferior to them as they had a century plus [...]

17 March 2024


USS Luna: New Normal

—- Captain’s Log, USS Luna —-   Our mission to explore Romulan space has been changed to patrolling the Triangle a section of unclaimed and unexplored space between the Romulan Free State, Klingon Empire and Federation. Up until now it was mostly unexplored because with no conflict [...]

16 March 2024

Settling In

USS Luna: New Normal

—- USS Luna, Holodeck 2 —-   “This doesn’t get any easier does it,” asked Lieutenant Yi Zhang, mostly as a joke.  The pair was taking the containment filters from the Holodecks and replacing them. The ‘materials’ that they collected would be treated and then broken down into [...]