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USS Mackenzie: Mission 14 – Echoes of the Past

The universe is always changing, and with the new developments across the Cardassian and Klingons the USS Mackenzie is called into action to deal with reborn factions entering the scene. Peter Crawford comes to the Mackenzie to confront his own past and future.

Mission Description

The Cardassian situation has evolved with the return of the Maquis to the Demilitarized Zone, as well as the complications with The True Way.  The USS Mackenzie must grapple with a changing universe along with the faint echoes of the events of a Post-Martok timeline in the Klingon Empire.  Captain Walton and her crew will be challenged to work through the complicated dynamics of the various groups and colonies caught in the middle.

Peter Crawford and Riandri Nalam shared time together during the first Dominion War and Carolyn Crawford was the result.  Peter has never told his daughter who her mother is, and neither him nor Riandri has spoken much since…until now.  They are reunited aboard the Mackenzie to assist with the various missions that have been assigned to the Excelsior II Class ship.  They each have their own secrets to hold or share…and the truth of what the future holds for both remains unknown.

About the Mission

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26 April 2024

EOTP 011 - Into the Lion's Den

USS Mackenzie: Mission 14 - Echoes of the Past

The New Atlantic runabout warmed up as Peter Crawford sat in the right-hand seat, loading in the mission parameters.  He’d heard from Riandri that the meeting had gone well, and she was headed his way.  He slipped a paper photo of Carolyn out and taped it to the wall of the Runabout. [...]

19 April 2024

EOTP 010 – What We Carried

USS Mackenzie: Mission 14 - Echoes of the Past

Riandri sat beside Carolyn, her hand resting atop her daughter’s, enthralled by the stories and events that spilled forth from her daughter. She couldn’t believe how much she had missed and the adventures Carolyn had. “You’ve had quite an adventure since you joined Starfleet. Guess it keeps [...]

10 April 2024

EOTP 009 – Return To Me

USS Mackenzie: Mission 14 - Echoes of the Past

Peter Crawford sat in his daughter’s quarters, holding a steaming cup of coffee while his daughter sipped at her own tea.  “I’m….part El-Aurian?”  She blinked and stared at him, “And mom is…alive?”  She sat on her couch, her hands trembling as the realization snaked [...]

9 April 2024

EOTP 008 – Foundations of the Heart

USS Mackenzie: Mission 14 - Echoes of the Past

“You are a very serious doctor,” the young woman observed as Doctor Henry Longfellow scanned her with the medical tricorder. She was visibly pregnant. According to her frustrated mother, getting her here had been an ordeal. She sat outside the makeshift tent, enjoying the fresh water they’d [...]