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Winners of As Time Goes By…Phase 3 – that’s a wrap folks!

September 21, 2020

Well all good things must come to an end and what an end! We are now announcing the winner of Phase 3, so here they are.

‘Weapons stations, fire at will!’ – Flash Trek

1st place: UnknownParticipant

2nd place: trumpetmaster29

3rd place: ArdenKarn

‘Let History Make Its Judgement’ – Wordsearch Puzzle

1st place: trumpetmaster29

2nd place: Callaghan

3rd place: capierno

‘Let the regulations be damned’ – Jigsaw Puzzle

1st place: capierno

2nd place: Leah

3rd place: Steve Brown


Unfortunately we did not have any entries for our competitions during this phase, but well done to our winners above!

We hope everyone has enjoyed As Time Goes By… and loved the competitions we put together!