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We Are the Borg: Week 3 Fiction Update

November 21, 2023

The halfway point of this Fleet Action is reached! The mysteries get murkier, the enigmas more twisty, and the Borg more enigmatic than ever. We’re deep in the weeds now; how does this end? We’ve got a way to go. In the meantime, the Intelligence Office returns with The Story So Far…

Week 3

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

USS Constellation

The mysterious Borg homing beacon is answered by a Borg cube warping into orbit. Although the cube thoroughly ignores USS Constellation, the cube removes a scoop of the planet, reclaiming the buried Borg technology and the away team’s runabout in the process. While Constellation is able to rescue the runabout team, the Borg cube leaves a particle-scattering field in its wake. As the cube warps away, Constellation’s scouting team is stranded on the planet with no method to contact the ship. Without any of their holographic technology, their prime directive is to avoid cultural contamination.

Endeavour Squadron

The USS Endeavour rushes into the Mesea Storm, a dangerous plasma field, trying to reach a Borg homing signal before a Romulan Republic ship. But the phenomenon proves unpredictable, affected by the damage to subspace of the collapsed Borg transwarp conduit, and an unexpected ion storm damages the ship. Delayed by minor repairs, Endeavour finds the Republic ship has beaten them to the prize – only to soon after receive the Romulans’ distress call. Racing onward, they find the Romulan ship drifting, and agree to help, even as they suspect their enemy has not fallen foul of the storm, but, instead, sabotage. Rather than take the Borg technology for Starfleet, Captain Valance merely negotiates access to the wreck to continue their mission. But what are the consequences of letting the Romulan Republic seize such potentially dangerous technology? And who sabotaged them?

Odyssey Squadron

Finally coming to terms with their sticky situation, the Odyssey crew have pressed on with their plans to remove the threat of the half-built Borg Transwarp Hub. Nevertheless, the danger level increases further when Commander Gray senses the presence of an incoming Borg Cube. Pushing forward, full steam ahead, the crew sent two strike teams to disable the different shield generators before the ship could launch a final attack. However, while trying to sabotage the last generator, Commander Gray encounters an individual within the Borg subconscious that makes him pause in what he is doing. Can he overcome this distraction or has the Odyssey crew finally met their match?

Task Force 17

USS Babylon

The away team discovers unusual markings in the cavern that contains the homing beacon that are not of Borg origin. Not long after, a rockslide blocks their exit.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Back on the Atlantis, science officer Gabrielle Camargo, working in conjunction with multiple members of the crew, discover subspace anomalies that after some investigation they conclude are spatial trajector artefacts, showing the use of one from over 40000 lightyears away – Borg space. Meanwhile the away team battle the demented EMH that was activated on them, before rendering the control centre a safe space from errant holograms. As they devise a plan going forward they are sent a message from Atlantis informing them of the Borg presence that they are well and truly aware of. That message, blinking lights using morse code, was devised by none other then Lt Fightmaster, having managed to escape the clutches of sickbay.

Polaris Squadron

With Fleet Admiral Reyes taken hostage by the colonists of Beta Serpentis III, Commander Lee and Dr. Brooks stranded aboard Salvage Facility 21-J, and a jamming signal blocking all long-range communications, the inexperienced and risk-averse staff of the USS Ingenuity are left on their own to figure out what to do next. As the colonist’s demands appear to be innocuous, and not wanting to do anything that could cause the colonists to kill the rest of the hostages, they decide to appease the hostage’s demands and begin shuttling down the requested supplies. Meanwhile, Admiral Reyes converses with her captors and discovers that they are Borg worshippers who see assimilation as salvation to fix the galaxy, and Commander Lee and Dr. Brooks discover just how intimate the colonists are with the Borg technology that’s been stored within Salvage Facility 21-J since the Battle of Wolf 359.

USS Siren

The USS Siren, now staffed with her new command crew, are headed to investigate a Borg Homing Beacon coming from deep in the Thomar Expanse. They’ve been told that they aren’t the only ones looking for it, and are to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands at all costs.

Task Force 72

USS Daedalus

Theta Squad have made it aboard the dilapidated Sphere and despite a frosty reception from the last survivors of Unimatrix Zero have begun providing aid to the dying community. Unfortunately the Sphere contains unexpected dangers and the team are in serious trouble as the they begin to realise they are not alone aboard the Sphere.

Task Force 93

USS Triumph

The away team begin to beam down to Freecloud, they both find a place to stay while they investigate before the auction takes place in three days. Tilana, Ritru and Torath make there way to Starlight Bar to inquire about the auction posing as a buyer. Tilana runs into a Klingon she had come into contact years prior during her previous undercover operations on Freecloud. While they were there they learned that someone else is in charge of the whole action, now they just need to find out who that person is.