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We Are the Borg: Week 2 Fiction Update

November 15, 2023

We’re in the thick of it now! Writing continues apace, but the Borg remain elusive and inscrutable. Will the ships of the Fourth Fleet uncover their mysteries, or have they finally met their match? We definitely won’t find out this early, but to keep you on the edge of your seats, the Intelligence Office brings you an update in The Story So Far…

Week 2

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

USS Constellation

The Constellation crew debated the morality of disabling the Borg homing device they’d discovered on the planet Solus. Accepting the risk of further cultural contamination to the pre-warp civilization, a small scouting team in isolation suits was permitted to search for the homing device in an effort to remove the Borg’s previous interference in the planet’s natural evolution.

Endeavour Squadron

Endeavour follows a Borg homing signal deeper into the Midgard Sector than Starfleet has ever ventured and discovers the source lies somewhere in a dangerous plasma field on the frontier. Their plans to enter the volatile phenomenon are complicated by the arrival of a Romulan Republic ship, who make it clear they consider the Borg technology theirs to be salvaged. Unable to reach an accord, both ships venture into the Mesea Storm. The race is on, and to the winner, the spoils.

Odyssey Squadron

After discovering where the Borg homing signal is coming from, the Odyssey crew are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side they have a Borg transwarp hub that isn’t fully operational and on the other side they have a Malon fleet wanting to claim it as theirs. The Malons are keen to get their hands on it to use as a way of dumping their toxic pollution in different locations across the galaxy. Fleet Captain McCallister and his crew must now find a way to destroy the hub before anyone else wants to take claim of it.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Back aboard Atlantis, with the revelations of CR-718’s shields being far more powerful than they should be, Captain Theodoras sets her crew to task figuring out just how such a feat is possible and more importantly how they can circumvent it. With a revelation that errant computer commands aboard the station are coming directly from within the computer core, Commander Gantzmann and Lieutenant Brek go to investigate where they encounter the source of the station’s malfunctions and the murderer of Lieutenant Conway – a Borg drone. A futile attempt to stop the drone forces them to retreat, leaving the drone for now in computer core, continuing with whatever foul task it is undertaking.

Polaris Squadron

While investigating a Borg signal in the shadow of Wolf 359, Polaris Squadron receives a distress call from Beta Serpentis III that references the Borg. When they call back, the colony denies sending it, but the USS Ingenuity is dispatched to check up just in case. While in orbit, Fleet Admiral Reyes also takes the opportunity to go down to the surface and mend old wounds as relationships with the backwater colony have frayed ever since the synth ban. Unfortunately, the colonists have other plans, and the delegation is taken hostage. Meanwhile, a small team sent to check up on a decommissioned research facility in the troposphere of Beta Serpentis IV finds themselves in a fight for their lives on Salvage Facility 21-J when the station turns out to not be as empty as it should be. As Fleet Admiral Reyes tries to learn more from the hostage takers, and as the officers stranded on the station search for clues, it becomes clear there’s something more sinister in play than just a few aggrieved Andorians.

Task Force 72

USS Daedalus

Having discovered the source of the intermittent signal to be a severely damaged Borg Sphere with a large SOS painted on its hull, the crew of Daedalus journey to the vessel and find it less abandoned than they thought. After a frosty initial meeting they have begun rendering assistance to the last survivors of Unimatrix Zero. Meanwhile Rana continues to find that all may not be as it appears amongst the fractured community.

USS Mackenzie

The Mackenzie is pursued by the Borg, and they escape under fire into a nebula and escape to find out more about the Nama people at their home planet.

Task Force 86

USS Lafayette

The Lafayette has arrived at Devol Outpost, but have found themselves not very well received. The lead researcher of the Outpost, Shrini Pavel, is an old friend of Cromwell’s, but the relationship has done little to ease the thought of losing his prized Borg artifact. After some heated words between Pavel and Cromwell, an away team is en route to disassemble and destroy the Borg tech and hopefully safeguard the future of the Outpost.

USS Tokyo

The Tokyo crew is prepared on medical prevention of Borgfication on security training, and the emotional area is still questionable. The Tokyo fly to Delta-405, where they find a graveyard of ships affected by the deadly pathogen. It is quite a sight, but the time is ticking as the away team is formed and transported, only to find themselves in a hostile area with defective drones. Things go south very quickly when they touch a drone to get the pathogen.

Task Force 93

USS Redding

After having answered the distress call of the missing USS Franscini, the USS Redding has found it drifting dead inside an ion storm. Boarding it, an away crew found it powerless, apparently crewless, until it became clear that there are Borg on board. The away crew has to try to navigate this difficult situation, avoiding the Borg and trying to connect with the crew.

USS Triumph

The USS Triumph continue there travel towards the Old Romulan Neutral Zone, upon arrival they meet up with the IRW Aldore. The away team gather in the transporter room where they await the Captain and Commander Ritru who make contact with Commander Torath. The away team beams over, while the IRW Aldore begins it’s journey towards Freecloud the Triumph sets course for where they will sit and wait. While traveling the Triumph picks up something strange on sensors, Commander Rar is able to conclude that it is a Borg homing signal and they set course to investigate. Upon arrival they begin to investigate only to come up empty handed and resume course. IRW Aldore finally arrives at Freecloud where they begin to prepare to beam down.