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Upcoming Server Migration

May 13, 2020

Since the launch of our new model just three weeks ago, we’ve seen more members and an expansion of features on our websites. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, either by personal experience or through my announcements on Discord, our current server is struggling to support our usage. We’ve had crashes, errors, and various other issues impacting the availability of our services. I’m happy to say that, thanks to your continued support and donations, we can finally upgrade to a faster server with more resources!

Aio and I will begin the transfer this Saturday, May 16 at 12:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM BST. The transfer itself should only take a few hours, and there will be virtually no downtime with the site itself. Logins to BFMS, RSB, the Infobase, and supported game websites will be unavailable for the duration of the transfer, and we’ll use the #notice-room on Discord to keep everyone updated on our progress.

With this migration, Bravo Fleet will be merging all current sub-domains. If your game is currently hosted with StormyHosting through their free Bravo Fleet plan, your website will be moved over to a url. Once the migration is complete, all game sites will be hosted under, with the exception of custom domains/hosts which will be grandfathered.

If you have any questions about the migration and how it will affect you, please email