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Trivia Challenge Results

April 17, 2021

Greetings All,


First off I want to thank all of you who participated in the Trivia Challenge it went extremely well and due to the amount of participants I plan to do another one very soon! The numbers are always first the event had 18 participants, though sadly 5 were disqualified for not adding a screenshot of their submission. The 13 participants varied in the correct amount of answers.


The challenge beat all the participants, as not one person was able to get all 20 questions correct; however, our winner was close to conquering all the questions. As I know you all are waiting the winner is JShepard, who got 19/20 questions correct, in second was our fearless leader Teylasramar with 18/20, and for third it was a tie that was decided by the time it took to complete the challenge. With a time of 2 minutes and 3 seconds with 17/20 the third place participant is Trumpetmaster29.


Congratulations to all the winners and to those who didn’t win you will have a chance to redeem yourself as another challenge will be coming soon!


For those who want to know the answers that bested your considerable knowledge they are listed below.


  1. What drink of Kirk’s was spiked with Scalosian water? Coffee 
  2. What visual corrective drug is Kirk allergic to? Retinax V
  3. What beverage was used to portray bloodwine on the Star Trek sets? Fruit Punch.
  4. What poisoned the Klingon crew of the Somraw. Xarantine ale.
  5. How many children did Dax have over the course of the symbiont’s lives? Nine
  6. What was the first type-6 shuttlecraft seen in The Next Generation? Magellan
  7. How old was Yonada? 10,000 years
  8. How long did the average Ocampan live? Nine Years
  9. Who switched sides to help the Enterprise in Nemesis? Donatra
  10. What was Pavel Chekov’s father’s name? Andrei
  11. What was Picard’s serial number?  SP-937-215
  12. What comedienne played Rain Robinson in “Future’s End”? Sarah Silverman
  13. In Star Trek Generations, whom did Picard see in the Nexus. A family he never had
  14. What did Gorkon consider “the undiscovered country”? The future
  15. What mineral is Vulcan blood based on? Copper
  16. How long have the Q existed, according to them? Always
  17. How many phaser cannons did a Defiant-class ship employ? Four
  18. Where was the Confederacy of Surak located?  New Vulcan
  19. Which episode saw the destruction of the Delta Flyer? Unimatrix Zero
  20. How many times can an Ocampan woman be fertile? Once in her life