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TF9 – Executive Officer Announcement

September 14, 2019

Hello Bravo Fleet! 

It is my great pleasure to announce the promotion of Commodore Caymen Greener (better known as Chris on Discord) to the role of Executive Officer of Task Force 9. Caymen brings with him a wealth of experience in varied roles around the Fleet, but I’ll let him speak for himself!

“My name is Chris and I’ve been around the simming universe for almost 20 years. I have been in Bravo Fleet since around 2014 as a CO several times, TFXO once before in TF93, and as BFIO for a stint. You may remember Caymen Greener, my main character and pseudonym. Hopefully they are good memories! I’ve been around in similar roles in other fleets as well.

I am glad to be back in BF as a member, CO, and helping on the staff side as well. I like what I have seen with the fleet in recent months and, with the encouragement and kindness of some close friends here, I am ecstatic to be here. My own ship is a story I love to continue, TF9 has a lot of good canon to lay out, and I hope I can be successful there and in other areas in the fleet.

Thanks and appreciate the opportunity to be back!”

Please join me in both congratulating and lamenting Caymen, as he makes a fantastic addition to our weird little Task Force, but also has a world of work ahead of him.


Sean aka