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October 4, 2019

Members of Bravo Fleet:

Some of you may have noticed that September has hit everyone particularly hard this year. It’s the “back to school” month and within Bravo Fleet’s history tends to be a real stickler. Some of our BFA (and membership!) are teachers, some are students. Kyle, 64CO, spoke with the BFA back in August about his availability once school started and he was back to teaching. We knew it was going to be a rough patch, and when Kyle took the position he forewarned the BFA that it might be temporary. In a follow-up conversation this past week, Kyle confirmed that he just has too much going on to remain 64CO the way he’d want to. The BFA deliberated for a while and decided to pull from our current pool of TFXOs. As a result, Chris, the TFXO of TF9, has been confirmed as the new TFCO of 64. Chris is a great leader, experienced TFCO, and is already planning to just continue carrying the torch that Kyle started; he will, without a doubt, be a great addition to the BFA and a great leader for 64. He will be playing Vice Admiral Ovik, and operating within the TWOK-era of Starfleet history (and my personal favorite history!).

We also recently put out a call for applications for the position of Bravo Fleet Internet Officer. Because of the specifically skilled nature of the BFIO, the BFA evaluated each application and tried to sort them based on our best needs right now and going forward. Firstly, thank you to everyone who took the time to apply! The BFA has some big plans for Bravo Fleet here in the next year or so, and that requires a little bit of expertise. In order to fill the gap being left by Liam, we wanted someone who could help carry that expertise forward. As a result, Aaron, who is currently a member on New Lakarian City, will be taking up the mantle of BFIO. I’ll let him introduce himself more properly in an upcoming report of his own, but suffice it to say he has the technical chops we were looking for and I think he’ll be a great addition to the BFA! He will be playing Rear Admiral Peter Cromwell.

Both of these votes were confirmed by their respective CO pools.

Welcome both of you to the Bravo Fleet staff!