Task Force 99 Command Update

May 21, 2018

Happy Monday, everyone!

Bravo Fleet is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. Its history has had its ups and downs, but without MBremer, there wouldn’t be a fleet to have a history of. Mike, and Starbase 400 and the Ares Group, returned to Bravo Fleet just a few years ago. Words cannot express how momentous of an occasion this was. His appointment in 2016 to be the Commanding Officer of Task Force 99 was also well received, and he directed the Task Force to a level of success that rivaled the days of old.

Last week, due to some developments in real life, Mike tendered his resignation to the BFA. While we are sad to see Mike leave the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, we are grateful that he, Starbase 400, and the Ares Group will continue to be a part of this fleet.

Life, as they say, must go on. To that end, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty has appointed Camila Di Pasquale to the role of Task Force Commanding Officer of 99. Camila has an extensive history with the Task Force and its COs, and has a strong desire to ensure that 99 stays connected to the Bravo Fleet community at large. Camila will be taking office with Rear Admiral Michael Aravan.

Please join us both for thanking Mike for his continued service and welcoming Camila into her new role.