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Task Force 93, Romulans & You

April 28, 2020

Hello to all members of Task Force 93,

If you are reading this message, hopefully it is because you were sorted into Task Force 93 as part of our new model launch. Welcome!

What is it? Well, from a story perspective; Task Force 93 encompasses the majority of Starfleet vessels and assets operating out of the Beta Quadrant, specifically on the Romulan and Klingon fronts and exploring deep space beyond both Empires. You can see our maps on the Infobase:

More detailed maps of Klingon space are forthcoming.

Task Force 93 has served as a peacekeeping force along the Romulan border for the last decade and a half. Following the Romulan supernova of April 2387, it has been tasked with protecting Federation interests in the Beta Quadrant, securing the former Romulan Neutral Zone, keeping the peace with the successor states of the former Romulan Star Empire, maintaining relations with the Klingon Empire especially during the insurgency of the House of Mo’Kai, and exploring Deep Space beyond the Raeyan Sector. We have much more to share with you and hope you join us in shaping our corner of the Star Trek Universe.


Following Bravo Fleet’s relaunch of 25 April 2020, a plethora of new activities have been made available, including siming, fiction writing, contests, and gaming activities. There is lots to choose from and get involved in. 


Nothing is happening to your current simms, aside from the time jump to 2399. Any simm that does not move to 2399 and align with the new timeline is being moved to Task Force 99.

Your simm writing may continue to represent the bulk of your Bravo Fleet participation. For every post that you publish with a BFMS-registered character, you will be able to get a Legion of Honour award, which will contribute to your advancement in Bravo Fleet. So do not forget to register your characters and track your simm posting!

If you wish to open a new simm, please reach out to your Task Force Senior Staff.


Bravo Fleet has not forgotten its origins as a writing community. In addition to siming, we encourage our members to write their characters outside of a traditional sim. The Bravo Fleet forums, also called Relay Station Bravo, offer the perfect place to write with a Task Force 93 section all ready to go. Just create a new thread under the name of your assigned or requested ship and you are good to go.

How does a fiction work? Well, any rank can write as a CO and crew of their own ship, writing on their own for the enjoyment of themselves and others reading it. Carve out your own adventures in TF93’s area of operations. Don’t fancy being a CO (and up to the rank of Lt.Commander) feel free to join us on Devron Fleet Yards and write as part of the TF fiction.


The first set of contests involve the Romulans, and they give you a taste of what fun activities might be found in Bravo Fleet competitions going forward. Each individual competition has instructions on how to participate and how to submit your results. Get involved, have fun and lets see some great entries from across the Task Force.


Do you play Star Trek Online? What about Minecraft? Bravo Fleet has created platforms within those games to allow us to play together

If you have an idea for another game that should be played jointly with other Bravo Fleet members, contact your Task Force Senior Staff.


Various Bravo Fleet activities, including siming, fiction writing, contest entries, and gaming may permit you to win awards! Explore the awards page and see what you could win.

Bravo Fleet Ranks and Promotions

As you enjoy yourself with these activities, you advance in the Bravo Fleet ranking system. By already having an account in BFMS and by being sorted into a Task Force, you begin at the rank of Lieutenant JG. Want a promotion to full Lieutenant? Complete three of the following activities:

  • Reach Level 17 on Bravo Fleet’s Discord server
  • List three (3) characters on BFMS
  • Participate in thirty (30) Bravo Fleet competitions
  • Nominate a fellow member for an award
  • Place in a Bravo Fleet competition
  • Organize or co-organize one (1) Bravo Fleet competition
  • Join a Bravo Fleet Department as a staff member (specs, awards, canon, academy, gfx, software, faculty, social media)
  • Serve as a task force level staff member
  • Earn a Recognition Award. This can count ”’two times”’ if you earn two Recognition medals.
  • Create a well developed biography for your character
  • Earn 20 Legions of Honour (20 sim posts)
  • Earn 20 Service Ribbons (20 x 250 words of fiction for your character, usually but not exclusively written on the Bravo Fleet Forum)
  • Earn 100 Combat Action Ribbons (100 minor achievements in gaming, such as completing a Task Force Operation in Star Trek Online)
  • Earn 4 Campaign Ribbons (4 major achievements in gaming, such as reaching the level cap with a character in Star Trek Online)

The full list of criteria for all promotions can be found here. Activities fulfilling these criteria only count if they occurred on or after 25 April 2020. 

Upon reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander, you can unlock your own starship for your fiction use. Check the Bravo Fleet Ranks page for which classes are unlocked at which rank, and the Registry for which ships are available and request it through the BFMS dashboard.

Note that this is not the same as running a sim; you may still apply for sim command at any time, and the character for that sim will be of the appropriate rank regardless of your current rank in this new system.

Task Force Senior Staff will occasionally check your sims and the Bravo Fleet Forums for sim posts and fiction. To facilitate this, we request that you do the following:

  • Ensure that all of your sim characters are registered in BFMS, and ensure that your CO approves them, so they appear properly on your profile
  • Log into BFMS and add your discord username to your profile
  • Advise us if you have written fiction outside of the Bravo Fleet Forums
  • Enter contests and submit gaming activities in BFMS in a timely manner

Most Importantly: please utilise the BFMS to track and submit your progress as you complete tasks for advancement. This onus is on you, the user, to keep up to date and fill it in accurately. The Task Force Senior Staff would be pleased to help you in this regard.

The Senior Staff will also be completing regular checks on all activity so that we can reward and recognise you as soon as you are eligible. With over 100 people in the Task Force, the more you update and complete, the quicker we can get you promoted and rewarded. 

Wanting to write in TF93?


The year is 2399 and Starfleet is beginning to branch out into the galaxy again led by the illustrious Fourth Fleet, codenamed “Bravo Fleet”. Bravo Fleet operates several task forces all throughout the galaxy, but galactic politics have been focused on the Romulans for over a decade.

Romulans (Task Group 44)

Following the Romulan supernova which destroyed the twin worlds of Romulus and Remus, the former Romulan Star Empire collapsed, leaving the Romulan people fractured and broken. Within Romulan space exists three main factions:

  • The Romulan Free State, backed and defended by the Tal Shiar. They also possess and largely operate out of the former Borg cube known simply as “the Artifact”.
  • The Romulan Star Empire, still clinging to life with support of the bulk of the former Romulan Star Navy, are operating largely the same ships from a decade previous, and led by the same praetor who was running the Star Empire during the supernova a decade prior. The Romulan Star Empire operates out of Rator III.
  • The Romulan Republic, supported by a democratic ideological shift, and led by former members of the Romulan-Vulcan Reunification Movement. The Romulan Republic is defended by a smaller portion of the former Romulan Star Navy, who operate mostly newer, smaller ships that take a direct design lineage from the past. This is the preferred faction of the Federation. The Romulan Republic operates out of New Romulus.

Within Romulan space, in between the big three factions vying for domination of Romulan space, are minor drug lords, crime bosses, and self-anointed mini-emperors. Some of these are tolerated, some embraced, and some battling with the three larger factions depending on the situation. 

Officially the Federation does not recognize any of the three main Romulan factions as the head Romulan state; however, the Federation is not shy in its embrace and preference of the Romulan Republic, but does “embrace” all 3 factions in some type of working relationship.

Task Force 93’s efforts directed towards Romulan space are conducted out of Devron Fleet Yards, which is also the Task Force Headquarters. The TFCO operates a Nova website for the Devron Fleet Yards, where joint posts may be written which is actively encouraged. This will soon move to the forums so keep an eye out. DFY can also be used as a location to ‘pick up’ your ship or write about some much needed R&R.

Klingons (Task Group 86)

The Federation continues to maintain good relations with the Klingon Empire. Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force work extremely well together, and the High Council respects those in senior Starfleet positions as honourable warriors. 

In 2391, Starfleet and the Defense Force defeated the insurgency known as the Sovereignty of Kahless. Its leadership was killed, but many surviving ships were taken in by the House of Mo’Kai. One of the Great Houses of the Empire, Mo’Kai has long been associated with tactics of subterfuge and espionage. In the past decade, they have conducted numerous attacks on starships and starbases within Klingon space and along the Federation frontier, as well as cyber operations, high-level assassinations, and terrorist bombings on Federation and Klingon worlds.

Task Force 93’s efforts directed towards Klingon space are conducted out of Starbase 86, a Unity-class station that has just opened in orbit of Archanis IV. Starbase 86 is jointly administered by Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force. A Starbase 86 forum topic will soon be opened on the Bravo Fleet forums. 


Starfleet was able to remove the Gorn from Cestus and Canterra. Though an armistice was signed to end the fighting, no formal peace treaty was ever signed between the Federation and the Gorn Hegemony. Fighting along the Federation-Gorn border, as well as in neutral space near their territory, is not uncommon.

Raeya Sector & Beyond (Task Group 58)

The planet Raeya III has finally become a full member of the Federation. Efforts to explore and colonize beyond the Raeya Sector have resumed.

Most Deep Space Assignments and long range missions will focus on exploration in this area of space.

In Character Briefings

At the recent Osiris Initiative Event, Vice Admiral Thrace, Commodore St. Clair, and Vice Admiral Robert Dowd delivered in-character briefings on the major activities of Task Force 93.

Part 1: The Romulans

Part 2: The Klingons

Part 3: The Next Steps

Other briefings for the other Task Forces can be found on Relay Station Bravo (Task Force 25 and 38; Task Force 72). 


We in the Task Force 93 Senior Staff look forward to writing, competing, and gaming with you all! If you have any questions, or to send us the information requested above, we can be reached on discord


Task Force Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Kara Thrace


Discord: Thrace#8841


Task Force Executive Officer

Commodore Juliet St. Clair


Discord: Taral81424#5586


Task Force Chief of Staff

Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Discord: muselessbard#5968