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Task Force 93 April Report

May 12, 2021

Not a Stone Unturned

Not even being back on Devron Fleet Yards less than a day things have been hectic, she had no sooner stepped into her office when Sari barged in. “Sorry sir, here are the reports that you asked for,” Sari replied as she seemed out of breath, raising an eyebrow as she took the padds from her and sat down.

“Everything alright Commander?” Azras asked looking at Sari concerned, “Oh, ha yes I am fine.” She said as she looked at the Captain, “I just decided to take a long way. The doctor said I needed to exercise more so figured I go for a run all the way up here sir.” She explained as she tried to slow her breathing.

She nodded with a slight smile as she turned her attention to the padds and began to read. The USS Vesta and Devastator were still in the Melonia Cluster dealing with the aftermath of the D’Ghor attack. Medical and Supply ships were en route to deliver needed supplies and medical assistance. The USS Gibraltar had some power failures while en route to Starbase 27 but seemed to have worked things out.

Looking up from the padds, “Sari, see what ships we have available and dispatch them to assist the USS Vesta and USS Devastator with humanitarian aid.” She ordered looking at the young Commander who was finally getting her composure back.

“Aye sir,” Sari replied as she began to turn to leave before she stopped. “Before I forget there is a Commander Maxwell who has been assigned Task Group 44 Commanding Officer waiting to meet with you, he arrived shortly after you left the station,” Sari replied looking at her. 

“Very well I will meet with him shortly, your dismissed,” Azras replied as Sari quickly left the office and headed back towards hers to do what she was asked to complete. 

As the doors to her office closed, Azras took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Thinking back on everything that had transpired with the Hunters of D’Ghor, they were bold but in the end, they didn’t come out on top. The cleanup would take a long time, especially the colony worlds that were hit. But, things would move forward and they would do their best to assist them in rebuilding.

Going back to her reports, she was in for some long days ahead.

Task Force Update

Awards & Promotions

Things have been steady over the past month with many Duty Ribbons and Service Ribbons being given out over the month. What to congratulate those who received promotions.

  • JShepard since the previous month had received promotions from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant Commander. JShepard has also stepped up to become Task Group 44 Commanding Officer as well.
  • Jeffery was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

New Arrivals

Would also like to take this time to welcome Stormy and Alex to Task Force 93 who came from Starbase Bravo. We welcome you to the TF and hope you enjoy your stay and more importantly have fun!

Competition Results

Well, the moment you probably all been waiting for the results of the competitions that were hosted by TF93. So without further ado…drum roll….

Medical Ship Unscramble:

1st Place: JShepard
2nd Place: MJ
3rd Place: David

Stand-Off Puzzle:

1st Place: McGig
2nd Place: Capierno
3rd Place: VividShado

Spring Wordsearch:

1st Place: McGig
2nd Place: DarthCrusader
3rd Place: JShepard

Congratulations to those who placed as well as those who participated, looking forward to the next round.