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Task Force 93 – A taste of nostalgia

September 14, 2019

Task Force 93 has such a large and varied Area of Operations, it felt strange to have all the simms lumped into one Task Group, until today. I’m having a bit of a BF fanboy moment but Im really excited to announce our re-structure of the Task Force effective… well  now:

  • Operations – This will be the home of the Task Force canon and our primary focus – the Romulans!
  • TG58 – Named after Task Force 58 – home to simms primarily focused on the Rayean Sector.
  • TG86 – Named after Task Force 86 – home to simms primarily focused on the Klingon / Gorn area of space

All simms have been allocated based on their current mission / latest reports. Your Task Group does not affect the stories you write or your participation in any events so please don’t feel boxed into an AoO. This will mainly save on any confusion for any newcomers we may have and streamline contribution to the overall TF story.

More announcements and updates on the Task Force coming soon… watch this space