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Task Force 9 – Operational Report – August 2019

September 24, 2019

News from Task Force 9!

  • USS Ride: The crew of the USS Ride has joined with a small Dominion Task Force to glean what information they can about their quarry, by investigating the wreckage of a Borg installation along the Gamma/Delta border. 
  • USS Constitution: The USS Constitution begins its story arriving at its first destination after receiving their first assignment from The Reliquary. The ship is assigned to investigate what the Reliquary explains as a highly efficient power generating device. 
  • USS Triton: The USS Triton continues to make inroads into the Gamma Quadrant following their most recent refit. 
  • USS Proxima: The crew of the Proxima is finishing their final shaking out under new command, before departing into the wild unknowns of the Gamma Quadrant 
  • USS Trafalgar: The crew of the Trafalgar is diligently rescuing Federation scientists from a governmental collapse in the Sebrisan Empire. 
  • USS Unification: The USS Unification has been tasked with tracking down one of the last leaders of the Consortium, Captain Sunon Mexena, who was responsible for the destruction of several starships during the opening moments of the Consortium attack on Deep Space 11. 
  • USS August: The USS August is making her final preparations at DS11 before she heads off on escort duty



Canon Updates

No canon updates this month, but stay tuned to this space! And if you wish to engage with the canon of the TF, please reach out to your TFSS so that we can work with you on it. 


Bravo Fleet and Task Force 9!

There have been some CO votes on various changes to Bravo Fleet structure and policy, including the addition of the BF Chief of Staff, as well as reinstating the Academy. I’m looking forward to this being a boon to us in recruitment and quality. 


Sim of the Month: 

By unanimous vote, it is my great pleasure to announce that the Task Force has chosen the USS Unification, run by our very own Aio as the Sim of the Month! The story they are producing is always fun to read, and very engaging! 


In Conclusion

It’s been a somewhat slow month for the Task Force, and it’s likely that September will be the same. So it goes in the realm of siming. Nonetheless, the TF is committed to pushing excellent stories and driving character development. Stay amazing out there!