Task Force 72 Report #8

February 4, 2023

Greetings everyone! I know that we are already one month into 2023 and Bravo Fleet canon year 2401, but Happy New Year! it is my pleasure to bring you the first Task Force 72 report of the new year.

Task Force Updates

Coming off of a fantastic Blood Dilithium campaign, and the winter holiday break, Task Force 72 continues to maintain a level of activity that is a pleasure for the Task Force Staff to oversee, and one that will continue to grow with the commencement of our new Priority Mission centred around the resurgence of the True Way.

We have also welcomed some eager beavers to the Task Force since the last report. Especially one Daniel McKnight, or Starbuck as he is known in the Discord, who has skyrocketed through six promotions since joining the fleet only a short four weeks ago.

Where will they go from here? I’m not quite sure, but I can’t wait to find out.

Fiction Updates

  • USS Atlantia – Coming off of a period of enforced desk work at Starfleet Academy in the wake of her court marshal, Commander Ezra Vreen finds herself in command of a semi-mothballed retrofit.
  • USS Dragonfly – Unexpectedly assigned to the USS Dragonfly, the crew is heading to the former Demilitarized Zone, where an old enemy has taken advantage of the current situation. With the Fourth Fleet’s resources spread thin in the Delta Quadrant and the Velorum Sector, many younger Cardassians see this as an opportunity to reclaim former glory.
  • USS Heracles – A young man and woman, find and steal a shard of crystal known as Blood Dilithium from inside a warehouse. Later, strange things begin to happen around the woman. Could these be just coincidence, or related in some way to the dilithium?
  • USS Nestus – The True Way have taken advantage of the turbulent political situation in the Alpha and Beta quadrants to try their luck against the civilians in the former demilitarised zone despite the public support of the revitalised Cardassian Union.
  • USS North Sea – On a mission to discover the origins of blood dilithium, the North Sea encounters an entity of unfathomable power. Is the entity the cause of the blood dilithium or just another victim?

Task Force Recognition



  • Joshua Bryant – Ensign
  • Daniel McKnight – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade


I have come to see many great accomplishments from everyone in Task Force 72 as I mark just over a year as Commanding Officer since the last report. I certainly expect to see a great deal more over the next year. I’m sure I speak for my Executive Officer when I say I am proud of each and every one of them.