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Task Force 72 Operational Report

May 11, 2022

The situation room was four degrees cooler than normal. If it wasn’t for the illumination LCARS displays, it also would not have been lit. Th’lora preferred it this way when she was in deep thought, like she had been that particular morning. She had heard a rumour from station security, who had apprehended a trader smuggling kemocite, that there was an increase in ship deployments within Breen territory.

It wasn’t uncommon for criminals to spin fallacies to avoid prosecution. Most of the time security would turn the other cheek to information of the sort, but with little movement by the Breen since the attack on Barzan II, the possibility of legitimate claim to the trader’s tale could not be taken for granted.

Th’lora studied ship logs, captain reports, sensor readings and merchant trade routes; anything that would give some perspective without having to conduct a covert operation.

The door suddenly hissed open. Th’lora shielded her eyes in a moment of temporary blindness from the exterior lighting as a shadowy silhouette entered the room. The door closed behind them and as the room returned to its previous illumination, she could finally make out the image of her Executive Officer.

“Ah Commander! I’m glad you got my message and were able to join me. What do you make of this?” she said as she pointed to the readout in front of her.

As he walked in he felt the cool air seeping through his uniform with a slight shudder he squinted trying to look into the dark room. “Yes ma’am” he said relaxing slightly

“I find the pieces don’t match up, compared to similar incidents it doesn’t share anything in common. I find it seems to be too calculated” he replied, thinking over all the reports he had read over and scans he had seen.

“My thoughts exactly. Every piece of data I’ve looked over comes to the same conclusion. It appears to be too regular to be a natural phenomenon. The Breen are up to something and we need to find out what. I’d like to send the K’Ehleyr to get a first hand look and see if they can gather any more intel on long range sensors.”

“That sounds like a great next step, I’m sure looking at the area around with a closer look we can figure out what they plan to gain. The Breen are always looking for trouble even if not directly.” He replied thinking about who else might be involved.

Fiction Updates

I would like to start off this report by saying there really isn’t a lot that has happened in Task Force 72. Much of the time spent over the last couple of months was spent covering the crisis of the Century Storm on Operation: Stormbreaker. However, due to real life obligations across the entire Task Force, activity levels were not as strong as we would have liked.

  • USS Horizon – The Horizon had set out on her maiden voyage with a mission to evacuate the general population of the Yridian home world.
  • USS Heracles – After a brief respite, the Heracles was ordered to the Paulson Nebula to aid in the Stormbreaker operation. Their primary mission was to close any subspace rifts they came across.

In the lull since the completion of the campaign, the Task Force has been preparing for the upcoming Fleet Action, hyping our membership about all the fun that will come of it and trying to get as many Cadets into their Raven-class vessels as swiftly as possible. We hope to see a plethora of new fictions from ships, old and new alike, addressing whatever crisis, oddity or discovery should present itself.

Competition Results

On the competition front, since the last Operational Report, there have been no competitions hosted by the Task Force staff or it’s members that haven’t already had their winners announced. For those that missed that announcement, you can find it here.

Task Force Recognition

Finally, for some, being an active member of the Fleet is no small feat. For others, it may be a walk in the park. No matter the path walked based on one’s real life circumstances, it is always a pleasure to reward our members accordingly. The Task Force staff would now like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the hard work by each and every one of our members over the last couple of months as evidenced by the following awards and promotions. Each one was well deserved. Congratulations!


Medal of Achievement


Cadet Sophomore Grade

Cadet Junior Grade

Cadet Senior Grade