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Task Force 17 May Competitions

May 9, 2021

And another round of competitions is here from your favourite deep space explorers, the amazing Task Force 17! Can you work out the theme of our competitions? Each one has a quote associated to what we are planning with our upcoming task force wide storyline!

The competitions start from today (May 9th 2021) until next week (May 16th 2021).

Competition 1: The original kadis-kot (Game)

“We could play Kadis-kot.”
“Are there explosions in Kadis-kot?”
“Well, no.”
“Then I’m not interested.”

Competition 2: Delta Quadrant Quiz

“These are star charts for the next three systems Voyager will pass through. Familiarise yourself with them.”
“Sociological data regarding one hundred and seventy three Delta quadrant species. Study it.”
“I will.”
“As Bridge Assistant, you will find this information relevant.”
“Consider it assimilated.”

Competition 3: Return to the Delta Quadrant (Jigsaw Puzzle)


“For I dipt in to the future, far as Human eye could see; Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be…” 

Competition 4: To be friendly or not to be friendly…that is the question (Sliding Puzzle)


We the people of Earth greet you in a spirit of peace and humility. As we venture out of our solar system, we hope to earn the trust and friendship of other worlds.


“Computer, change music selection. Mahler’s Symphony Number One, Second Movement… maybe this will help you relax.”

Good luck and enjoy!