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Task Force 17 July 2022 Report

August 12, 2022

“Cast Out into the Deep”

A polite female voice drifted throughout the open areas of the base, “All USS Discovery personnel prepare for immediate departure from upper docking arm six. All USS Discovery personnel report aboard ship immediately.”

Captain Erill’Yun Mek walked PADD in hand, studying the deployment records. The Discovery would be proceeding into the Typhon Expanse later that day. The course charted would take them out past the Lioh star, through roughly ten lightyears of open space before entering the clouded “pea soup” of subspace interference and sensor anomalies. Sector Typhon 252 for them would be the edge of space as conceptualised by those unfamiliar with the region. In the expanse, up was down, time stretched and undulated, and apparitions played tricks on even the most robust of starship computers.

Mek turned a corner into the Task Force operations office. Situated in the base’s upper levels, directly below the communications spires, the wide room was lightly staffed that morning. Several command personnel observed starship traffic, updating positions on a huge translucent sector map display that formed a centrepiece. Set into a circular well, all manner of diagnostic panels, long range sensor readouts and system status monitors adorned the raised circumference on which it sat.

A gold shirted officer looked towards Mek as, eyes sunken from the early start, the gruff old Captain approached with a growl, “Is Captain Kohl still here?”

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The Current State of Task Force 17 In-Play

As recently shared, Task Force 17 has a new Priority Mission! Members can use this briefing to write stories connected to the TF’s narrative and the newest developments in fleet canon:

The Typhon Frontier is a mysterious region rich in potential knowledge and resources. The Federation is not alone in their interest, with the Romulan Free State turning their eye towards the same opportunities. While they have sought joint scientific missions into the area with Starfleet, eager to build relations after the collapse of the Star Empire, not all of their undertakings have been so cooperative. Free State ships have been spotted venturing alone into the frontier, and the scientific scruples of the Romulan military – or lack thereof – are of concern to Starfleet.

Starships of TF17 have the opportunity to begin their missions of exploration in the company of civilian Romulan scientists from the Free State, who bring their own vast and previously unshared knowledge of the region – but are doubtless beholden to their own and their government’s agendas. Likewise, Starfleet ships in the Typhon Frontier may run across – or seek to beat – Free State ships on their own missions and are urged to minimise harm in this unknown region without disrupting galactic politics.

Task Force Updates

What a flurry of activity that fleet action was! As “the little Task Force that could”, 17 has definitely punched above its weight category coming in third place overall. As you can see below, shinies have consequently rained down upon us. As former fleet action winners, 17 has a lot to live up to and we have certainly not let the side down this time! 

It’s been great to see so many new members joining us too. I can feel the Task Force lounge livening up as more of us get to grips with what’s on offer in the community. Bravo Fleet can be a lot to take in, and I think the new joiners among us have made very promising starts as they journey through the Academy and Cadet ranks. 

I think this is good opportunity to remind 17ers of what’s going on in Task Force lore. This is very much intended as a scaffold for you to build your fictions around if you choose to do so! Our headquarters, Deep Space 17 is now visible on the wonderful new Bravo Fleet Map along with its home, the Lioh system. The station CO, Commodore Py’Tellan stands ready to assist with any of your in-character needs in the local area. Exploring within and out beyond the Typhon Expanse is what we’re up to, spearheaded by the USS Discovery, our task force flagship!   

Fiction Updates 

Like many around the fleet, after the events in the Velorum sector Task Force 17 has been taking stock and laying the groundwork for future adventures. Exciting things await with a new task force priority mission in the works, in which we aim to further explore TF17’s exploratory mandate in our coreward corner of the quadrant.  

Our most significant fiction update comes from the freshly commissioned USS Sarek. This gigantic sciency Sutherland-class starship passes into the capable hands of our TFXO, Brendan. It’s been great to see familiar faces from his previous ship the USS Dvorak getting introduced to their new home, and I’m waiting with bated breath to see what happens to them next!  

I’m also eagerly anticipating the continuing adventures of civilian medical officer, Roger Harrison as he continues to do his thing and save lives across time and space. 

Task Force Recognition  

As mentioned above, 17 has made a very strong showing in the Sundered Wings fleet action. This deserves to be recognised! We’ve had some terrific new achievements from our new members, too, with a smattering of promotions and badges. Our TFXO, Brendan, deserves special recognition here as one of only six people to be awarded the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism in the history of Bravo Fleet. It has been spoken of many times, but I will continue to shout it from the hills, thank you Brendan for lending your weighty talent to the task force.  

  Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism

New Member Program Badge


Promotion to Cadet Sophomore Grade 

Promotion to Ensign 

Promotion to Lieutenant 


Congratulations to all who made the honours list and thank you to all who have gotten involved with anything fleet-wide over the last month. It doesn’t matter how small you think your contribution might be. Even just getting stuck into some discussion on Discord contributes to making this community better for all of us. So keep on attending those gaming nights, sharing your thoughts and throwing your writing out there everyone! Let’s see if we can’t make the next fleet-wide event our best one yet!