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Stormbreaker : Task Force 72

February 20, 2022

“I don’t think that’ll work ma’am.”

“Damn!” Th’lora exclaimed as she threw a PADD down on her desk, “Well then, I guess we’ll have to dispatch the K’Ehleyr ahead of schedule. Inform the captain they are to depart at thirteen-hundred hours”.

As her aide left, Th’lora collapsed into her chair, feeling deflated. She’d not ever had to mobilize such a large group of ships all at once before, but these were unordinary circumstances. She sat there and pressed her index and middle fingers to her temples, gently massaging them to try and ease the tensions of a headache beginning to form. She wanted to attribute the headache to the stresses of the job, but in reality it had likely been due to skipping breakfast.

As soon as she felt she could stand, she got up and made her way out of the Task Force office toward the stations promenade, making sure to let her secretary Rachel know that she was going for lunch and that she’d be back in about an hour.

A lively Cajun restaurant caught her eye and it had been suggested to her multiple times to try some catfish. Just as she was about to take a seat she spotted the station’s commander.

“Commodore! Would you like to join me for lunch?”

The Saurian Commodore had not expected to be flagged down, but realizing who it was that was calling out to her, returned the greeting and took a seat across from the Trill “I apologize Captain Vehl, I’ve already eaten but I’d be more than happy to join you. I realize we haven’t had too many opportunities to get to know one another since you’ve been on the station.”

“Agreed” Th’lora began “And our present situation doesn’t help matters either.”

Jalian nodded, but before she could say anything, a waiter politely interrupted the two women and asked if he could get them anything. Jalian declined. Th’lora ordered herself the blackened catfish with a side of cilantro lime rice and a strawberry lemonade.

“How are the arrangements for the Task Force deployment coming along?” said Jalian.

Cradling her forehead in her hand, she breathed a deep sigh, “You and Ops make coordinating a fleet of vessels look like a piece of cake. I’m only coordinating a fraction of that and it feels like a challenge…”

Stormbreaker Campaign

Over the past two weeks, Task Force 17 had blessed us with a fantastic start to to the campaign with their Stormbreaker competitions, from the challenging ‘Garbled Data’ logic puzzle to the fun, but disorienting, Hodos System Patrol in Star Trek Online. Many wonderful stories have also been composed and I certainly look forward to reading all the ones that are yet to come.

However, as the torch is passed now to Task Force 72, we’d like to kick off the 3rd week of the campaign by presenting four brand new competitions for your entertainment.