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Starfleet Medals of Commendation & OCS News

August 19, 2020

Happy Gene’s Birthday, one and all!

This is a great day in particular for the Office of the Chief of Staff. In honour of this auspicious Trekkie date, Bravo Fleet awards the annual Starfleet Medal of Commendation to a variety of members who have made great contributions over the past year. From current staffers, hard-working community participants, and even some who’ve stepped down from positions but whose contributions cannot be overlooked, this is a chance for the OCS to honour some of our best and brightest. Task Force COs have nominated a series of members, and with ratification by the OCS (and a few of our own additions of the deserving), we have made our decision.

Please, folks, all put your hands together for the following recipients of the 2020 Starfleet Medal of Commendation:

  • Leah
  • reecesavage
  • Dave P
  • trumpetmaster29
  • UnknownParticipant
  • Christopher
  • iBradPro
  • McGig
  • Kraytavi
  • arcticblast
  • Aelle
  • Slagar
  • Griff
  • Chris
  • rippy
  • Bren
  • Ed
  • Alexandus
  • Mason
  • Jonileth
  • MJ
  • Muselessbard
  • ArdenKarn
  • dizzyg
  • Mark
  • David
  • Peridot


But normal business also continues. The ‘Show Off Your Inner Artist‘ competition from TF86’s Alexandus, focusing on starships of Bravo Fleet, has come to an end and the competition runner has selected the winners! Please put your hands together for all participants, but in particular:


In third place, Trumpetmaster29:

‘The USS Blackjack-F, NCC-92892-F, returns to Earth after a 4-year deep space mission to the edges of the Beta Quadrant.’


In second place, Solon:

‘Sovereign-class USS Valor, NCC-12518. Created using MecaBricks, a digital LEGO building program.’


In first place, LadyBlue:

‘The Sword & the Shield: The USS Manticore escorts a Federation Ambassador to Orvad III, vigilant against violent threats made towards the peace negotiations by extremists.’


From competition runner Alexandus: “All of the submissions were excellent and incredibly creative! The winning submission by Lady Blue showed an attention to detail that was absolutely astounding, and the editing to the photo made it looks like something right out of a modern day Star Trek series. Congratulations!”

Many thanks to Alexandus again for running the competition (and personally I think Solon’s use of MecaBricks is inspired). I hope we’ll see more of these Inner Artist competitions.


In other news, it has been the particular pleasure of the Office of the Chief of Staff to process considerably more activity this past month. Our new Cadet Academy has seen a large number of new members win awards and promotions, many making it to the rank of Ensign and going on to their own Task Forces. I highly encourage these (and future) Ensigns to take this diligence to their new assignments and set these fine examples to those in their units!

I would also like to extend my personal congratulations, at the other end of the rank spectrum, to Moss, who is one of our first members to reach the rank of Commander.


Well done, Bravo Fleet. You keep me in the best job in the Fleet, where I can see all the cool things everyone is doing and get to reward them for it. But it’d be nothing if you weren’t all doing these cool things. ’til next time!