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Starfleet Medal of Commendations!

September 14, 2019

Hello Bravo Fleet! We’re finally here at the time of the year that celebrates Gene Roddenberry’s birthday, and along with it, the yearly awarding of the Starfleet Medal of Commendation! The award reads as follows:

A yearly award for the players of each Task Force (each Task Force can nominate up to 5 people) whom have shown extreme dedication and resilience to their task force and Bravo Fleet, given on the 19th of August (Gene Roddenberry’s birthday).

This year the entire BFA came together to nominate the most dedicated among them. Now, keep in mind that this is a small window that the current BFA has been here for, and reflects that reality. Members of Bravo Fleet could only be nominated once (and yes, some people were nominated by different task forces!). Here are the recipients of this year’s Medal of Commendation:

Task Force 9
  • Aio aka CAPT Jacob Lambert, USS Unification
  • Marowolf aka CDR Chewrath ch’Ghorev, USS Ride
Task Force 38
  • Ansel aka CDRE Elgor Rae, USS Diligent
  • Cyndi aka CAPT Rhea Kennit, USS Victory
  • Clint aka CAPT Elizabeth Hart, Starbase Aurora
  • Holly aka CAPT K’Tyra Parker, USS Perenolde
  • Edgeford aka CDR Rufus Wessex, Starbase Aurora
Task Force 64
  • J.P. aka CAPT Vin lek Sholorn, USS Mercury
  • Jennifer aka CDR Katherine Williams, USS Augusta
Task Force 72
  • Billy aka RADM Julius Woodard
  • Mike aka CDR Thov th’Zeles, USS Hiryu
  • Temple aka CAPT Nyx Temple, USS Pandora
Bravo Fleet

The BFA-at-large have also nominated the following people for their extraordinary work:

  • Noel aka Gul Tadrel, CDS Damar
  • Nate aka CDRE Catherine Waldorf, USS Proxima
  • Kyle aka LCDR Nirak, USS Mercury
  • Chris aka CDRE Caymen Greener, USS August
Task Force 93
  • Andrew aka CDRE Juliet St. Clair
  • Cori aka LT Christine Descharmes, USS Shanghai
  • jtaylor aka LT Keri Kelea, USS Atlantis
  • Suzroe aka Cassandra Rae, USS Excalibur
Task Force 99
  • Jonathan aka CDRE Harrison Anders
  • Tara aka CDRE Cyndi Song, USS North Star
  • Sam aka CAPT Nathan Russ, ISS Yamato
  • Splendora aka LCDR Hades, Starbase 400

And finally, I am personally awarding the Starfleet Medal of Commendation to all members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty since I became BFCO on June 14, 2019. They include all of the current BFA members as well as KrisK, Galen, Leam (aka TheCaptain), and JonM. I cannot thank you guys enough personally for all the help you’ve given both the fleet and me personally in this transition, as well as the many long hours that you’ve all put into pulling BF from the brink. Congratulations to all the recipients and I hope next year is even more awesome!