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Sim and Player of the Year for 2017

January 29, 2018

It is that time of year again, time to announce the winner of the Sim and Player of the Year award. There were many deserving nominations and the votes were close as one would expect from the talented group of people we have here in Bravo Fleet. So without further ado here are your winners for 2017.

And the winner for Player of the year 2017 is……

 Lieutenant Chelsea McDanielson : Few players are capable of writing a character that behaves outside of the players’ own personality and, fewer still are players’ able to write their character with one personality and an NPC with the polar opposite personality. Sarah has managed to do both by writing her primary character as an arrogant engineer that is hard to get along with and, an NPC that is calm and gentle hearted. And, she does it very well I look forward to continuing to see her work on these character

And the winner for the Simulation of the year for 2017 is……..

 USS Triumphant- One of TF99’s strongest and most consistant sims. From CO to crew, they have been active in and out of character. The sim site is updated regulary and mission logs are fun to read. This sim is great example for other BF sims to look up to.

Everyone join me in congratulating our winners.