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Role Playing Game Update

August 25, 2023

Hello Bravo Fleet!

The USS Pioneer Launches!

Once again, the Operations Office has another exciting announcement to make to our great community: the launch of the USS Pioneer Role-Playing Game!

What is the Pioneer?

Some of you may be wondering what makes the Pioneer so unique. Well, it is Bravo Fleet’s first Table-Top RPG! Yes, that’s right, we are expanding the type of RPGs we have in Bravo Fleet, and the Pioneer is our first one.

The Pioneer is a Star Trek Adventures RPG set in the Shackleton Expanse aboard the Intrepid-class starship USS Pioneer. Our Engineering Officer, Deckard Wright, will be its Game Manager and will boldly go where no Bravo Fleet Game Manager has been before by making history with every light-year the Pioneer travels! 

This sounds intriguing; how do I apply to join the Pioneer?

The join process is similar to our other RPG and Sandboxes; you do this via the BFMS. You should also be on the Bravo Fleet Discord server.

Wait a second, it’s a Table-Top RPG! Then how do I engage with the Pioneer?

Don’t worry; you won’t need to travel far to join in. In fact, you will be able to engage with the Pioneer from the comforts of your home!

Unlike Writing RPGs and Writing Sandboxes, how members interact on the Pioneer isn’t through writing missions or stories. Instead, the interaction is live! Once members become players on the Pioneer, they will be involved in creating the action there and then!

Pioneer will be streamed on Twitch and Discord, allowing BF members to see how it is done. The game will run fortnightly, on Sundays, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT/UK time. Pioneer will use FoundryVTT too.

What does this mean for the future of RPGs in Bravo Fleet?

As this is a first of its kind, the Pioneer will be our prototype for Table-Top RPG. We have updated our RPG Policy to reflect this and considering the future of RPGs in Bravo Fleet.

Most recently, you may have noticed that several of our RPGs have closed. Though it is sad to see this happen, those players and Game Managers have moved on to other styles of engagement across Bravo Fleet.

Without a doubt, Star Trek fan fiction creations in Bravo Fleet have considerably changed in the last few years. The BFMS allows members to create their own fiction in their own time and enjoy reading other creations without the pressure of responding or waiting for a joint post/collaboration from someone else. It has been a pleasant surprise to see many old timers from Bravo Fleet’s past return and enjoy the ‘new way’ compared to how it was done back in the ye olden days of BF yesteryear! 

That said, we know our members enjoy collaboration, so we are very open to receiving ideas on new ways for people to work together through an RPG approach. The new TTRPG is one way we are trialling, and don’t forget our Sandboxes, which are undoubtedly popular, give our members the chance to work together without the pressure or tight direction RPGs can sometimes have.

However, if members wish to get together and operate an RPG differently, please get in touch with your friendly Operations Officer (though check out the RPG proposal guide first). Perhaps you have an idea that we’ve not considered before. We want to hear from you! This could be running one of our Premade RPG suggestions, even for a mission or two, or you may have an idea with a group of other members and want to operate an RPG for a short period to tell a particular story/story arc/theme. We are happy to ‘lend’ our RPGs to anyone who puts together a decent proposal.  

In the meantime, we will be trialling the Pioneer as our first TTRPG, and we look forward to seeing how it (and possible future TTRPGs) can get our members more involved in our great community!

We wish our newest GM and its prospective players all the best of luck in this pioneering venture!!!