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Return of an Old Face

March 9, 2018

Greeting everyone,

My name is Stefen. You might know of me as Moss. I have been a member of Bravo Fleet for seventeen years (17? Wow, I’m OLD!). My first command in Bravo Fleet was with Randi Moss, right here in Task Force 38 under the USS Sizemore.

As many of you have read, JonM has resigned as the Task Force Commanding Officer; but, will of course stay on in other roles. I have to admit that without Jon, Bravo Fleet would not what it is today; however he has decided to take a step back to focus on real life, and I respect him for it. I personally would like to wish Jon all the very best in his life and I hope he enjoys what is coming. He will continue to serve us well in his other roles.

Since Jon has stepped back, the BFA has decided to intrust me as his successor. I just want to express my gratitude and express how proud I am to be back in Task Force 38 once more.

Some of you must be wondering what changes will this new leader bring to the Task Force. I can state for the record, that at this moment nothing will be changing. I will be taking this time to get myself familiar with the current canon and stay true to the course we are on. Our Task Force is currently working to secure the Epatha Gateway as a means to end our isolation in the Delta Quadrant, establish a new TF Headquarters (Kartelan Station), all while going boldly into the new and exciting Gradin Belt. I will also be taking this time to talk to the COs of the Task Force and get your opinions on the current storyline and where we’d like to go – together!

I’m going to be honest here and state that Task Force 38 has over the years become one of the worst hit Task Forces in Bravo Fleet. This is not the fault of current or former players, it just happens from time to time for a variety of reasons. It is my job to continue the rebuild of Task Force 38 and it is my deepest hope that I can count on you guys.