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Quarterly Awards – 2nd Quarter 2017

July 21, 2017

Happy Friday, Bravo Fleet!

It is my honor, on behalf of the Hall of Honour, and the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, to announce the winners of our Second Quarter Awards! Anyone who received the Player or Sim of the Month Citations During April, May and June 2017 were eligible for these awards, and the winners are decided by the whole of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.

This quarter’s votes were among the most difficult decisions the BFA has had to make in recent history. All those who were considered are among our most talented and deserving players and sims, and we are grateful that you have chosen Bravo Fleet!

And now, on with the awards.

 Player of the Quarter – 2nd Quarter 2017

Lieutenant Chelsea McDanielson (Outpost Curtiss, Task Force 93)
Few players are capable of writing a character that behaves outside of the players’ own personality and, fewer still are players’ able to write their character with one personality and an NPC with the polar opposite personality. Sarah has managed to do both (And, she does it very well!) by writing her primary character as an arrogant engineer that is hard to get along with and, an NPC that is calm and gentle hearted.

 Sim of the Quarter – 2nd Quarter 2017 

USS Pandora, Commander Nycolas Temple, Commanding
The Pandora has exploded in Task Force 72, becoming one of its most active sims in just a few short months. The crew have been actively working to expand what we know about the Iconnu Expanse and the Area of Operations and their writing has been absolutely fantastic!

Congratulations to Lieutenant McDanielson and the crew of the USS Pandora! We are honored that you are all with us here in Bravo Fleet!